What are anti-androgen foods?

What ingredients should I not eat?

I recommend you never eat the following: saw palmetto, acai, stinging nettle, spurge nettle, fenugreek, milk thistle, lobelia.

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Do NOT eat dark chocolate

Anything with high content polyphenols either

Sunflower and Cottonseed oil and Cocunut Oil as well
You should try to stay away from as much oil as you can I know it’s tough but try to limit it

Shit I think I can’t even drink regular iced tea anymore. This is absolutely insane


Is Lactic Acid Bacteria Antiandrogen?

How about dairy products?

It’s a large group of bacteria. Impossible to tell. Although they could in theory alter steroid processing.

No, although some anti-androgenic compounds could be present due to what the milked animal ingested. But that’s true for all kind of foods in the end.

Thank you for the reply

Are there any other ingredients that need attention?

Also, does eating worsen the symptoms? And is it permanent? Or does it return to baseline?

Bumping this thread because I found out this handy wikipedia article:

Thank you

Fkn zinc.

Worked for years then crashed me into hell alongside ZMA and B vitamins.

Shoud be a sticky about what supplements are risky 5aris.