What about a buddy system

I’ve been thinking about the support available to sufferers on here especially when they’re in turmoil and at breaking point.
We have a coping section which contains useful tips, info etc but what’s generally sought/missing for the desperate is the human touch, the arm around the shoulder and some re assurance.
For many personal lives have been decimated and there is no one at home to go to and the health sector only brings fear and intrepedation.
So where does one go when in such a state
What about setting up a buddy system on a volunteer basis. Where Guys can be paired up and get to know each other and even build a good enough relationship to discuss stuff outside of pfs.
Having this safety blanket/net in place could turn out to be priceless and could even pull someone back from the brink.
I’ve thought about it for a while as I’ve often been approached by desperate sufferers and done my best to help, some have responded, even got better after coming out of the initial onslaught/ crash but I have my own problems and think this could be handled much better if we shared and worked at this collectively as a team.
I have formed a very good relationship with someone on here, who I’ won’t mention. At times he’s been the voice of reason / the calm. We chat outside of PFS too. If I ever met him in person I’d throw my arms around him for being there for me but only after I kicked him in the pods for some of his humour. Only joking mate. But seriously we need to be able to talk to each other as no one outside of here gets this shit and what is offered up just ignites the fires of frustration . The open forum is great but I just think adding the personal touch would be of benefit and many have been abandoned by most of their mates.
I’m also aware the foundation fans out mails asking if anyone on the list can help support new arrivals but I think this would add another string to the bow and not everyone comes in via the foundation door anyway.

As said on a volunteer basis and for those that think it would be worthwhile to them and to others. This is about helping one another and being there for each other.

Any thoughts

What do you guys think.




Great idea


You know what i thinking Laz… Living together is the only option i think what is against the all time loneliness and suffering. Maybe financially better too. And better in a lot of aspects i think. But its a very heavy decision. Loneliness kills a lot of people in this state too. Not just the hellish symptoms


Also I’d like say I’ll say I’m happy to take the lead on this initiative if there is the appetite. Put your names forward via this thread. @bsvc if someone is interested in house sharing they can pm u… I’m aware of another sufferer who sought the same as yourself but he has since left the forum and is no longer contactable. There maybe someone out there that mirrors your needs don’t give up hope as there are new cases on an almost daily basis.

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If anyone wants a buddy feel free to message me. I’m open to voice calls or texting. I know this can be very helpful like Laz said since other pfs sufferers are really the only people we can relate to a lot of the time.


Support does wonders

Just knowing that it’s there can make a huge difference

I took it upon my self to reach out for support or to lend it.

It matters


Maybe a chatbox on here could help?


It’s a great idea. Personally I would want a buddy who has very similar symptoms to me and who was on the drug for a similar period of time and has been off of it for a similar period of time as well. I know that all sounds picky, but suffering with someone who knows what you’re going through and has a very similar experience would be an ideal buddy, in my opinion.

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Anyone with severe PFS, full body wastage/decay/thinning etc want to chat PM me. Mornings are the worst for me and at least while I’m still here could stand to vent back and forth a little. I feel bad for the couple of folks in my life who are watching me suffer and can’t offer anything helpful.

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