What about a $100 gift card raffle for survey participants? Some incentive maybe?

@axolotl @mew @greek @awor

Just a thought… a give away to incentivize people to complete the survey. Maybe make it so they have to have been a member of the site for at least 3 months to participate. I am guilty of taking forever to fill it out but I finally did. I hope it helps for future progress.

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I think it’s great to post ideas that may be useful for people to fill out the survey, but giving a 100 dolar gift card could make some people that may not be in a bad situation to fill it out quickly without caring too much about the answers given just to get the gift card.


I think that’s a good point, @kan.

Getting more people to take the survey is important though. Perhaps if everyone who has taken it can make it a personal assignment to persuade one other person to take it and then they do the same and so on? That makes sense to me.

Both good points.