Hi guys,

I am a long time propecia sufferer. My main symtpon is complete loss of libido. I have no ED. I have taken most things out there, but not had any luck. My hormone levels are at the high end of the range, but I have no libido.

I am about to start taking Wellbutrin. I have heard that some people on this forum were helped by Wellbutrin, is that true? I also know a lot of people took it with no effect.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


It works for some - please do dr irwigs study if you haven’t yet.

I did a short stint on it years ago, and it didn’t do shit.

I’d give Mucuna pruriens a try

How did the Wellbutrin work out?

Who else has tried this on here?

I am thinking about purchasing some of the generic stuff:

unitedpharmacies.co.uk/produ … t=0&page=1

For God’s sake Joe self-medicating is what got you here you don’t NEED wellbutrin.

Oh come on, it’s Wellbutrin, and many people have tried it on here. Unless you are a bit skeptical of me buying generic stuff on the net?

Seriously, I want something to give me a boost and I’m willing to try the less serious stuff. Fair enough to those who are sitting around hoping exercise and diet will heal them over time but I’m not convinced by that, and I think as long as things you try are relatively safe and have been used by many, go for it. I will happily take most party drugs, why should this be any different.

Antidepressants are generally a bad idea unless you’re in a desperate situation. Too many of them are dispensed like candy by psychs and GPs alike. I’ve been through the gamut of them, including Wellbutrin. Many of them are no better than street drugs in the way they manipulate the mind and cause dependency. In my opinion, you’d just be compounding the problem, but it’s your life. Not sure how it would help your fin problem, other than anesthetizing your brain to emotion.

You probably said the same thing before finasteride. Read this viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3358

btw I think propecia/proscar is infinitely more dangerous than anti-depressants, which at least are fairly well known for causing (lesser) problems among an infinitely greater number of users. I refused anti-depressants from my doc yet took finasteride by myself, the irony.

… and yet here you are obsessing about your Finasteride use. How can you even be sure your issues are Fin-related at this stage when you have used damaging medications in the past?

This is getting ridiculous… I think you need to step back, take a break from this site and concentrate on living your life. If you want to self-medicate with SSRIs and party drugs, you will be no further along in my opinion, and are likely just wasting your time posting here.

‘Party drugs’ don’t cause permanent impotence, and a whole host of physical and mental problems unless you take them to ridiculous extremes, and even then you can make your way back most of the time and there are networks of people to help you. There’s nothing much wrong with Joe but whatever it is is down to fin not recreational drugs. I would rather have been a heroin addict than come down with all this.

  1. I have given up party drugs for the time being, along with alcohol and I am actually on a very good diet. I have taken about 3 drugs in my whole life anyway, I am one of the most sensible people I know.
  2. Why are you frowning upon me CONSIDERING to self medicate with SSRI’s or anything else for that matter when many members on this forum have?

Let me just make it clear that I am not going to go off and do ANYTHING with pharmaceuticals just yet, I am simply researching and discussing things which may help. I am happy to experiment with things that are generally safe, but before I do so I will make sure I have thought it through. I am living my life, It’s holidays for me and I have a LOT of spare time. You come off as a bit of a forum Nazi to be honest, the theories to do with Finasteride damage are all over my head and I feel no shame in saying that because I’m not a DOCTOR, I’m sorry i can’t put much towards that side of the forum, not that anybody knows what there talking about anyway. I am actually developing quite an interest in looking at things that can help me, and I enjoy discussing them.

I was actually trying to gather information about certain things that I could use while I was away from the forum, but I will just do that over on the steroid forums.

I am gonna have to agree with Joe at this point along with the views of people who have tried Ghb masteron etc. Wake up guys. This is it. We are already f’d at this point. The way I see it it really can’t get any worse I feel like there’s no downside at this point in trying something outside of the box. In fact I condone it to it’s fullest with the proper research and hypothesis. It’s clear waiting isn’t working and doctors haven’t Bern able to help at this point. The more people that can come up with a hypothesis and test it out and document the results the faster we figure this horrible malfunction out.

Your wrong…Some of this stuff could make matters worse…Why not be patient and wait until the study comes out and hopefully be part of a clinical trial?

DNA HyperMethylation seems like an interesting theory to me…Worth exploring anyways…

Joe, there is a whole other forum that is so simular to our situation I joined to see if they have more answers. there symtoms are so simular to ours that I think you should read up on it, I will give you a link to look at.
I have some great stuff for you to look into GH3 in the liquid form helps with your mood. and sexual sides.
Peruvian Macca raw another great mood lifter also great for ed etc.


Hope you find this usefull

Thanks Gazza, I will take a look.

I took some valium last week for my sleep and I have had two good night’s sleep without it since, constant morning erections and some great sex. I’m definitely improving, although I have been here before in this 4 months of shit, so it could all just be a ‘good’ patch.

i just started wellbutrin a few days ago. my psych. put me on 150mg XR says dont worry about it leave it up to him and he will get it working again… says he knows how to cure me. after thinking about im bummed about how long i waited to see a shrink and i found a good one i think. i was reading about behavioral therapy which might be helpful on top of our problem. he says ED can ruin every aspect of your life if left untreated. which is true for so far. i have been so depressed i didnt even realize how depressed i was. i was so deep in the abyss i pretty much thought of suicidal thoughts as normal - a daily thing. so depressed and unable to experience any joy. i would cry and cry sometimes. i even cried at toystory 3. i couldnt enjoy the movie. i remember thinking - i thought i like this movie. it got 99% on rotten tomatoes so why doesnt it make me happy? everyone else liked it…

well within 2 days of the taking the wellbutrin i have to say it made me feel SO much better. I am taking the T3 also right now (but i am pretty sure its the wellbutrin) It was weird because i bought a video game Forza III about a year ago and i was thinking how i love racing games. well i put it on and only played it for a few minutes. i remember thinking - this is supposed to be fun but it isn’t.

well i started the wellbutrin on friday but by sunday i popped open the game and put it in for the first time in a while and i started feeling things that i havent felt in so long! i had a sense of nostalgia of playing xbox with my old roommates out of high school and started laughing out loud. i was smiling! i couldn’t remember the last time i smiled and i wasnt CONSCIOUSLY smiling - i have had moments of a awakening since i took the wellbutrin. The feeling that i was reaching for and expecting when i first bought the game finally emerged!

i have to recommend wellbutrin to anyone who is really depressed. i took an SSRI a long time ago when my girlfriend in high school broke up with me because i was sad. thats not depression. depression is the chemical imbalance we have. where we cant be happy. being sad is not being depressed.

i am walking taller with swag again, being friendly to people and engaging in more dialog. i am becoming more extroverted again and my thought process has cleared dramatically. it is easier for me to articulate now and i am more aggressive. overall i just have a better attitude.

ED remains - complete impotence. :-/ it sucks - but at least i dont feel like blowing my brains out. even today i put a new post up - being proactive. check it out its the NATURAL ANTI-ANDROGEN BRAINSTORM in GENERAL. That is a perfect example of how it has helped me. I am actually doing things again!

Good to hear! I started taking wellbutrin a little while ago and have also noticed a significant improvement in mood. It does something for the ED as well, though it is no miracle cure. I tried upping the dose to 300mg but had to cut back again, because it interfered a lot with my sleep. On 150mg in the morning I sleep very well.