Wellbutrin, has anyone tried?

I hear a lot about wellbutrin and I am sure a lot of us on this forum are depressed. It is said that it helps reduce ED in those prescribed SSRI. Would this help PAS or PFS sufferers potentially? I want to hear some thoughts.

I’m asking my psychiatrist for this today, either that or clomiphene and clomiphene could make me worse, to be fair I don’t think it made me any worse previously but I can’t really remember. Not chancing it so Wellbutrin and Low dose naltraxone is my combination I’m hoping to try for depression.

If all else fails maybe I’ll have to go back on clomiphene who knows, sex is the least of my worries now, mind and other issues are far greater for me.

I tried Wellbutrin (Bupropion) and after a brief improvement, it made me worse. I do not believe that antidepressants are of help in our situation, and mostly see the risk that they can make us worse. But maybe some will benefit, idk.

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@Devolution let me know how it goes man! I might go that route just because idk when my depression hit and if it’s just coincidence that it started when i started taking accutane!

@awor if I may ask how did it make you worse?

They wouldn’t prescribe it to me so i decided to choose lithium instead.

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@Devolution lemme know how that goes all the least :slight_smile:

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