Weird symptom explained!


ok , this is the best way to describe what I have been going thru, since my crash in may/june/july 2016. I can’t even recall when it happened. Only thing that has improved is my restless legs that I could not stop moving. I never took fin/prop/accutane/ssri, I belive mine was caused by crash diet and severe calorie restriction or from anti fungal cream. My penis has not moved/twitced in 2 years. 0 spontaneous erections and the genital skin either feels completely numb or it feels like rubber sometimes. I have this kind of feeling in my legs /thighs too and basically the way I wanna explain it is I can feel that the skin is being contacted but there is no tickle! I dont know if that makes sense. I also cant feel much during ejaculation and most of the time 2-3 drops just ooze out.