Weed induced PFS? Don't know what to do pls help

Hej guys,

First of all let me say that I am really glad that this forum excists, it’s ‘‘nice’’ to see people that are in the same boat as you and that you’re not alone.

That aside I feel really terrible… my girlfriend broke up with me yesterday after a relationship of 2 years. As I’m crying my eyes out I’m scanning the inernet to look for info about my own condition.

Here is where I’m at.
I used finasterde like 4.5 years ago, and while on it it gave me lower libido and trouble ejaculating. When I noticed that I immidiatly stopped (took it for lik 3 to 4 months). As I can recall thing came back and I got better. Since I was young and stupid I started smoking weed, I smoked heavily for like 3 years. Now I know for a fact that after each time I smoked I got worse, also the last half year I couldnt get it up while I was high, (wasn’t a problem at first)

But the problem is that I don’t know anymore if I have my symptoms from the finasteride that slowly degraded my system or from the smoking of weed or perhaps a combination.

All I know for sure is that I became gradually worse from smoking and that I first developed ED and then came the libido loss.

I’m trying to focus on the weed part to try and rule it out and because that is probably easier to solve than the finasteride part. However at this point in time im not really sure about anything, I was always pretty confident and mentally strong but I’m breaking down fast.

Is there anyone here that has any knowledge or has a theory or a potential protocol for a weed induced sexual dysfunction? I really need your help, I’m begging you.

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Yes, marijuana can cause worsening of symptoms.

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Wait are you talking to me? I never took meth and never said I’m gay. I think you have me confused with someone else. I have never been cured and to this day I feel like I’m deteriorating…

I just don’t know if my sides are from finasteride use or from the heavy weed I have been smoking during and after the use of fin.
I just know that I have been with this shit for over 4.5 years and I really wanna be better. I have asked some people and I think what I will do is first finish the HCG protocol (250IU) for half a year and if that doesn’t work I’ll increase my dosage for some time to bodybuilder levels (like 1500IU). And if it still doesnt work I’ll do TRT. But beyond that… I’m pretty clueless…

I’ve seen a lot of anecdotes of weed-induced sexual dysfunction on Reddit forums for helping people quit weed, as well as one other user on here who reports PFS-like symptoms for weed. I used to smoke weed myself until last year and thought it may have been the cause of my symptoms too (as did my doctor), though in my case I think it was the saw palmetto and minoxidil because I quit weed a little while before starting my hair loss treatments.

You see I’m not really sure though, but I’m almost sure it has something to do with either my brain or my endocrine system. I also remember taking saw palmetto and minoxidil before I started finasteride. But I also remember that I wasn’t that bad the first 2-3 months after I stopped them all. Then I began smooking a lot of weed, now I have read that THC inhibits the binding to the androgen receptor + it increases estrogen. So I acturlly see it as one long process. First I started the saw palmetto + minoxidil (inhibitor) then I switched to finasteride (inhibitor) and then the 3 years of weed (inhibitor). So now I think maybe my receptors are fked up, maybe my estrogen receptors have become very sensitive from all the inhibition on the other stuff. So what to do now…

For me it was two years of weed, which ranged from a few of times a month to periods of daily use, but was smoking a lot towards the end. Then two months of SP, one week of minox (the straw that broke the camel’s back). Makes sense really.

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for me
I started weed after PFS

and the best sex I had (was only 3 times though) was after having a brownie

was the only time I didnt lose my erection at all. and I had really intense orgasm

it is not like brownie is the solution to my PFS. cause it is not working all the time

but that what I felt. doesnt mean it should be the same case for everyone

sounds similar to when people get PFS and they take propecia again, they experience a short term recovery where they have sky high libido, mental clarity etc (reversal of their symptoms) and then they crash again

very common here

Cannabis is anti-androgenic also.