Weak urine stream, without force, pelvic floor

Hello, I stopped taking dutasteride in December 2020 and the urine stream is horrible, I don’t feel it, I can’t control it, it comes out weak and without strength, ejaculation without strength and a little retrograde, frequent urination every 1 hour or so, does anyone know what could help? or is it fixed with time? I also have loss of sensitivity and the hard flaccid is now a little better, I need opinions

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I have had this for 3 years now. Also, incomplete emptying, and dribbles. Good luck… Jim

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I don’t know if you do this already but after you’ve pee’d you can press gently in the perenium. It’s really effective for getting the last bits of pee out and avoid the dribbling.


I’ll try that! My pants would probably glow in the black lights at a club!

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bro I always do that otherwise I would practically have 50% urine in my bladder

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Don’t you think it would be a good idea to strengthen the pelvic floor or what will it be?

No its tense already, and i cant even do reversed kegels Whole pelvic floor feels like i kegel the whole Day… i always have discomfort feeling around bladder and dont even feel my urine leaving my penis. Tried everything under the sun no improvement.

How long have you had this problem bro?

More then 10 years bro.

is your only symptom? or do you have more? I’m wearing

i had this problem and i fixed it by doing this whole video fully for a few times @JimWildman

key is to really focus on the breathing and use it to relax and release the muscles. no gaurantees but i really hope this helps


Didnt help for me,went to the best pelvic floor therapist etc but its hormonal for me.

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ahh understood. sorry to hear that bud

Did you get checked by pelvic therapist ?


After all that time, if the worst moment after discontinuation was 0
where are you now in physical sides, mental sides and sexual sides?

You could have a normal life in some way?

No puedo sigo igual , todo sigue empeorando :frowning: