We may have, actually, SIBO

Some days ago a guy posted at Reddit PSSD’s group how he cured PSSD when treating his SIBO. And man, that was really insightful.

I’m suspecting it is also my (and probably most of our) problem for a good time. That explains how we see people getting better on antibiotics, diets, exercising etc. Pretty much all the recoveries we see here like ihatepropecia702, Chi, Mitch, cdnuts, English, cohort, Jorden, etc are convergent to this too. Even Ozeph’s, an active member.

I got PSSD after amitriptyline and Bupropion. Both of them causes slow motility, impaired bile flow and low stomach acid. Well, the perfect recipe for SIBO development. And guess what, low testosterone also impact our digestion, we see people there having low T, and people there who took any other hormonal treatment, like Propecia, like birth pills, etc. And sure, antidepressants too.

Also, in SIBO community I see daily people reporting the VERY VERY SAME symptoms as us, including sexual ones.

I think you guys should check it, it’s surely worth it to consider, and join SIBO groups as well. It sucks because there’s a lot of suffering and confusion and dispair, just like here. And just like PFS/PSSD/PAS, it’s a condition that is very hard to treat. Complex shit.

But well, at least, if this is indeed SIBO, now we have a clearer north to walk to. I surely prefer to know antidepressants gave me SIBO than PSSD (even though it’s probably the very same thing, but SIBO have more helpful diagnosis and known treatments).

Be good all

This is not really a new theory.

If you think it’s the case there’s different tests for it. Feel free to do one and report back with the results.

It not necessarily has to be SIBO, it can be other infections too.

My hippurate was over range, I will test SIBO too

I do have SIBO I have been tested already, I think SIBO is a secondary effect though.
First effect being HPA Axis dysfunction which sticks us into flight or fight mode, and then our digestive function and sexual function becomes not a priority for our body, which then leads to leaky gut and then SIBO and then the digestive problems then leads to mental health issues.


my next step is to see a naturopath that specializes in HPA axis dysfunction.
I am in Australia and I found a lady that does a treatment called the kalish method to correct HPA axis dysfunction. https://www.naturimedica.com/adrenal-fatigue-treatment-the-kalish-method-australia/

Also being a naturpath it will be holistic approach, fixing SIBO and any other gut, liver, stress issues at the same time.

Looks like the kalish method originated in the USA, so depending your location you might find some info online. There were some good youtube videos I watched regarding the method.

Not this shit again.


Surely might be epigenetics bro… Or maybe androgen receptors??? Theres NO possibility it’s something else!!! Scientists will solve our problem sure!!!

I see a point right here. I surely have both of them, hard to know which one was the first to come, just like an egg or chicken thing. Sucks. But update us more on your treatment. Gl


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Might be epigenetic problems right, but why doctors diagnosed me prostatitis? why I’m cured by antibiotics twice ( sexually) might be something else as well.

the AR and epigenetic problems are likely causing the downstream symptoms

people have been trying to treat their symptoms for decades, hardly anyone gets cured because the problem isn’t all the secondary and tertiary issues that are being diagnosed

its a complex problem at the root of it that we dont have any data or solution for yet


because we might have sibo, could try a carnivore diet perhaps