We could be seeing hundreds of new studies a year

Assume for a minute:

9 million finasteride prescriptions per year in the US x 1.4% PFS risk (numbers from Wikipedia’s finasteride page) = 130,000+ PFS victims in the US alone x if… 1 out of 10 can be reached & their symptoms bad enough for them to want to donate $10/month towards finding a cure = $13 million/year to research a cure… Include PSSD patients and you’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars per year of potential research budget. That’s HUNDREDS of studies EVERY YEAR towards a cure.

Persistent sexual symptoms from medication would be talked about as much as climate change. People would be aware of the risks of these medications and millions of new PFS cases would be prevented.


Not as long as we are sitting here vainly eating herbs instead of lifting a finger to advocate for ourselves.