Ways to raise allopregnanolone levels?

Besides from stuff like progesterone cream are there any natural ways to raise our allopregnanolone levels? Any herbal or dietary changes that could help with this? I know prozac and maybe some other ssri drugs do but I would rather not go down that route.

Alcohol does I believe. Just make sure not to overdo it.

I have had another incredible upswing with alcohol.

yea I know alcohol does as well. I’ve been abusing alcohol terribly now for almost a good year or so to no avail,lol. The thing is because of my suppressed levels of allopregnalone I don’t even get drunk or very buzzed anymore, even after drinking a case of beer. This wasn’t the case at all before I crashed and came out of nowhere for me. There has to be something that could potentially increase these levels over time.

Finastruth what do you mean by upswing? You got pretty drunk on occasion and things just started turning around?

Hi levels of THC found in cannabis increases allopregnanolone levels, the Risk Simpson oil will certainly raise allopregnanolone.


Here’s the link to the SSRI study - http://www.pnas.org/content/95/6/3239.full
Shame that SSRIs cause a whole load of other side effects that are likely to make us worse…

Any other thoughts/ways?

I’m very interested in finding a means of upregulating allopregnanolone levels.

Some people have tried an allo supplement called Celtic Dreams. I don’t know much about it except cdnuts said it worked well and that he found it enjoyable. I posted recently in his thread hoping to get more info about this. Anyone else tried it?

Not sure how an allo supplement would work long-term, as supplementing it directly could potentially downregulate production - the opposite of what we would wish to accomplish…?

You don’t know this, maybe in healthy individuals who didn’t inhibit any important enzyme.

There are a mutliple enzymes involved in the production of allopregnanolone. From cholesterol, to pregnanolone, to progesterone, to 5α-dihydroprogesterone to allopregnanolone.

THC may augment one of these enzymes to induce allopregnanolone, but not if another is impaired.

The reason we had low allopregnanolone on the drug was due to 5-AR I inhibition. We need to establish if it’s still low after long-term discontinuation of the drug, and if so then why. Testing 5α-dihydroprogesterone should verify this.

Danny you are completly right. Please can you add me.to skype so we can follow the same.path of investigation?

Bump. I am taking low-dose SSRI however it is noticeably decreasing my testosterone and muscles however it definitely alleviate brain fog almost 100%. Also it alleviates the dark circles under my eyes and brings my face back to life sounds crazy but I promise you this is true I’ve experimented over the last five years. If we can find a way to raise Allo. Without the use of SSRI this will be a huge step. My respects to Danny and all he has done for us

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Interesting. I’m now at a catch 22, I’m having real serious signs of liver trouble from trying to treat this PFS brain fog. If it gets any worse I will have to go cold turkey off any and all medication. Then I will be back with the mental sides. It will come down to exercise meditation and natural approaches. However I have given myself 6 years or so without suffering from brain fog by taking Zoloft off and on. Of course once I stop Zoloft brain fog continues. But I am not willing to kill my liver with antidepressants, then I’d have PFS and liver disease, not fun. Maybe time to try and drop the meds.

Picture of jawline of 29 year old man - prime years of my life. No wonder I consider suicide every day. I took 9 pills 6 fucking years ago when is it gonna end

Sounds like you need an attitude adjustment dweeb, my girlfriend’s probably got more testosterone than you. Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You look like a dork, I want punch you right now.

(I’m preparing you for the real world)


Ok well thanks for that. Yea it’s just a downswing but I’ll come out of it. If u just going to insult a PFS sufferer good riddance to you

America is full of obese people. Are you saying they’re stronger than you to put up with it? If you’re suicidal because you’re not in top shape that is simply pathetic. You get to live this way temporarily as a lesson and you’ll be back to your more or less handsome face and able body in no time. Use this as an opportunity to see what others go through. That goes for everyone. That’s what I’m trying to do.

I’m not sure if you’re quite aware ignite of what has happened to scared. If you look at photographs of him prior to pfs which have been posted on this site then you will see that he, like others, have experienced significant changes to their faces. Scared had a strong jaw line which has appeared to have been decimated by this drug. I’m not sure if this is easily remedied. Scared is brave by posting these photos and has been through a lot. Some guys with pfs can’t shift additional weight also. It’s a shame that this community can sometimes attack itself like it does when we show our vulnerabilities. It’s a bit douche like tbh. Too many belly rumblers on here, as in open your mouth and let your belly rumble.


That’s right I don’t think its helpful to abuse fellow pfs sufferers especially as we are all a bit vulnerable with our mental health. We really need to stick together and support each other. Hopefully the update to the forum will be coming through soon, so that posts are easier to follow.

We shouldn’t have those vulnerabilities

I didn’t notice any different. I might have noticed more from beer. I bought pricey sorghum based gluten-free beer to prevent estrogen.