Way to rule out DNA damage

So here’s a question I have, sorry if this is stupid but hopefully you get what I’m saying.
If we have dna damage couldn’t we compare our dna with our parents or siblings dna? Would this show any changes at all?

If are dna is messed up wouldn’t this potentially show something?

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Only if you have an identical twin brother who did not take anything. With siblings or parents your dna is not 100% identical to them, so it will be a tough job i think.

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I had a sperm chromatin test done recently, it showed slightly elevated results which wasn’t a problem for the doc. It checks macro chromosome level abnormalities, so not individual genes…

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gene expression altering is something totally else. Thats the likely case with pssd.

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I don’t think we have the technology to examine epigenetic changes.

Our genetic makeup is what makes us human and not a plant or other animal, and it gives us the specific attributes that we inherited from our parents.

But epigenetics is the field of study within genetics where things from the outside, things from the environment, come into our bodies and change us inside. It is a new field in science.

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Yea it hit me after I had all the blood work done…The types of changes my body and mind endured not to mention thr sickness and all the other unbearable symptoms…

Then looking at my current labs through Dr Gordon then my old testosterone labs with my urologist f ett on 10 years ago it was only 376…Whatever the crash is it’s not testosterone crashing then I began realizing with the severity of symptoms nobody has seen the actual changes or cause yet I don’t believe…Unless Kheara has detected it at Baylor which seems unlikely by now…

Find someone who had their dna taken before and compare to after. Surely someone out in pfs land would have that.


It is methylation changes and not all over but randomly in neuronal tissues it hits. Ie the changes vary from place to place wildly In brain alone 3000 cell types (gene expressions). Nobody has a covering set of dna expression samples from brain and endo system and will not have…

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I believe we can have variation that’s independent of pfs due to replication error and environmental factors so it would be hard to determine what’s from the drug and what’s from normal processes

or from all the other endocrine disruptors that are in our food, water, beverages, clothing, furniture, air, etc. One thing I read is that the T level and the sperm count of an average man today is way less than what it was 70 years ago.

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such drastic changes come 100% from the drug