water intake numb penis relationship

Hi. For me it is like this at the moment.
When I drink 4,5 Liter of water everyday the
sensibility of my penis comes back ( 3,5 years off now) .Even When I drink “only” 4,2 L water for example my body feels thirsty in a weird way.
And because of this stress my body is causing, the hormonal interaction in the night is disturbed.
This is why I feel dizzy in the morning. Or brainfoged.
I am trying to visit an urologist. What do you think?
And hey guys don’t give up! It took me 2 years until I got my full errection back when I quitted


where are you from

have you used any drug after your quit?

No I didn’t. Only drank plenty of water and did exercise more or less.

Identical situation

I will try this and report results.


I lost the ability fo feel thirst… Urine is 99 % of time clear…
Drinking water makes me feel nauseous. I dont know wtf would cause this…

I also realize that orgasm feels a little better with full
Bladder. My own theory has always been that the bladder pushes on the prostate or moves some shit around when it’s full. Idk

My piss is often dark and nasty because of low thirst. I will try this too.

I am rarely thirsty or hungry. Almost every meal and drop of liquid is an intellectual decision.

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You must live on the toilet lol