Was considering getting back on Minoxidil. But now I'm doing better? [Read]

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The logic behind why I wanted to get back on Minoxidil: When I was on it originally, if I didn’t apply for a day, all of my side effects would mostly go away. If I didn’t apply for 2 or 3 days, I would look and feel substantially better. When I got off of Minoxidil, it was insane how good I felt, about 4-5 days off of it, then I crashed. Woke up one day and thought I had accidentally dosed again. But I didn’t. Been here for almost a year now.

My sides were typical PFS sides, with less mental problems and MUCH more skin problems, probably because it’s topically applied androgen-receptor and 5AR inhibitor.

For the first 8 months I didn’t improve at all, my condition in August 2019 was identical to my condition in March 2020. But, with this quarantine shit I’ve been sedentary mostly, working out still with calisthenics. I think my testosterone has decreased, (I had nearly 900ng/dl in December), reducing estrogen and possible even making me more sensitive to androgens. But in the past month alone I have really started to feel back to my old self mentally. My skin still looks crap but it’s a bit better. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

5-10 minute ice cold showers daily
Daily workouts, calisthenics
Daily sun exposure
Light cardio few times a week
Supplements: Calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, all the alphabetical vitamins, niacin occasionally, and l-arginine 500mg (adding 1000mg L-cartinine 2x daily soon)

My fear is that once I get back outside, doing work, labour, school, etc. My testosterone will increase to super high levels again and my PFS state will basically go back to normal. Honestly unsure of what to do. My muscle gains are still lackluster and I really wanted a nice physique and good skin for my final year of school. The past year of school with PFS was shit. My plan with Minoxidil was to get back on it, but to dose it sparingly, maybe once every three days on weekdays and 1x daily on weekends. Strategically timed so that I would be 8-12 hours distanced from a dosage when school starts in the morning, and I would feel good and energetic. But at the same time, I could get back on minoxidil and feel 10x worse. Anything is possible… I’ve made huge risks like this before with Scoliosis surgery and it worked out in my favor immensely. I got lucky. I know getting back on these drugs is seen as blasphemy here but what’s your guys thoughts?

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Stay off minox it’s like pulling the trigger. Resist it though tempting. Out of desperation I’ve thought about retaking fin in the hope id get to a better place but the risk is too great. No one the forum will endorse your proposed actions

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I just think about how much better I was doing on the drug and how many millions of people take minox with no problem…Did you ever actually get back on fin?

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Not now mate. I took it on and off for 18 years not knowing the cause of the ever increasing list of symptoms. So in theory I actually did it without realising. I’ve been off it for 2.5 years now and continuing to decline. Returning to it now with the knowledge I have is terrifying. I believe one or two others have tried it and got much worse.

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A few have tried and got better.

After having pfs, i was better while on minox than after stoping it.

Interesting. Would you be willing to get back on minoxidil?

Not in my case because i am using a wig (modern one), to avoid any worries about my hair.

I didn’t say anything at the time but I dont think that guy’s story is at all likely to be true. Neither of us can prove it either way, but the vast majority of people here who have had a problem with drugs like Finasteride do not have a good experience with them if exposed subsequently.

You surely do not realise how bad this condition can get if you consider using it again.

By all means, do whatever you think appropriate, but be aware that you were told you would be taking your life in your hands if you did so.