Warning!: Watch out for Cocunut Oil

Cocunut Oil has High Lauric Acid
Which is a potent 5ARI

I knew to stay away from it but I didn’t realize that it was in this particular food. I ate it. Whoofed it down really.

Started feeling all kinds of fucked up within like 30 mins. So it wasn’t all digested
I said Fuck It and induced vomiting.

I felt better. But I started to get the Jolts right before I would normally fall asleep. That’s the sign that I know my system has been hit. I normally pass out but if I get the jolts? I know I ate or did something my system couldn’t take

UnfuckimBelievable I have to make a list like this.
God Damn this disease.
Just don’t eat it


Damn, I hope you get better soon. Yup, for some of us, many plant fats can make us feel worse. I should learn how to induce vomiting, it would have come in real handy.


Thank you my friend
So far so good

When I eat that stuff one fo the first things it fucks with I believe is my cortisol.
As we all know 5ari’s have a cascading effect and affects us all differently
I wasn’t falling asleep so I down 3000mg of vitamin C and sure enough it got me to sleep.

I also believe that it was mostly inducing the vomiting that I didn’t digest all of the Lauric Acid.
Not my first time I ate something and it fucked me up

I treated it as if I had eating tel poison and used the 2 finger method. I know this might sound dramtic but you gotta treat it like a life and death situation
I didn’t wanna do it but ya just man up so to speak and be happy later you did

I know this post is ridiculous but it’s very real.

Huge HUGE no no’s for me are this and Dark chocolate. I see a label of it and I cringe.
Fuckim dark chocolate seriously???


Can you explain the jolts?

Which food did you have?

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So as I’m about to fall asleep, like right before I’m about to go out I get this sudden panic burst.
My guess is something to do with the parasympathetic system or the other one I forget.

The closest I can describe it like when you feel like your falling when you sleep and you get “jolt”.
The the best I could do without acting it out in front of you.

It was an ice cream bar. They put Cocunut Oul in the outer chocolate (which I still sho up don’t be eating) to make it shine. For presentation I guess.
Hagan Daz makes them. Klondike bar
That type of ice cream bar

Is this not ridiculous

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Ah, I know the feeling. Thanks for describing it.


wow, so what about those who jerk off using coconut oil cus they are out of regular lube and had only heard random “good things” about “health benefits” of coconut oil? I suppose this would not go so well with an already half numb member. Yikes.

What are you saying
That topical of use of Cocunut oil would do this?

What about olive oil?