Warning about *dark* chocolate/cocoa/cacao (or foods containing high amounts of 5ar inhibiting flavonols)!

Sorry dude, it was not my intention at all to upset anyone. I was more commenting about the extent of crap (diet restrictions or other) we must all go through with this condition. believe me I wasn’t trying to kick you down our anything. We’re all brothers here and in this together. I was suicidal over the past two weeks and better today and yesterday. I know you’ll pull through man



I now struggle to stay asleep for even 2 hours now. I’ve been waking up around 1-1.5 hours. I’ve been taking very low amounts of methylphenidate and didn’t realize that it lowers allopregnanolone in people with ADHD-PI and depressive symptoms, at least according to one study.

I think this could push me over the edge. I might be the first person to die from chocolate.

I had a couple days of recovery which all got erased from eating like almost half a loaf of some rustic bread that contains walnuts and sunflower seeds. I don’t know what else was in it, but I should have known better. Muscle symptoms came back almost immediately, starting with my arms and hands. It’s been more than a week since then and my sleep is back to where it was when I started this thread. Unbelievable.

I had a peanut butter sandwich last night which made my sleep worse still. Funny thing is when I was recovering I ate one every night, then the insomnia came back in full force after eating too much of that fancy bread.

This shit is fucking insane.

@mercked , I would bet money that the 2,000mcg of methyl-B12 is the main culprit here. Since this happened to me, I have noticed these severe sleep issues (waking after 1.5 hours) almost always correlate with a member taking a methyl donor.

It was also almost 4 months before I began improving and had many of those windows of a few nights of 6-7 hours sleep. It’s been almost a year for me, and while I’m not totally over it, I can get at least 4 hours sleep in a row and 6 total. Much better than August last year.

Look forward to being in this for the long-haul, but it should get better.


Maybe the B12 played a part in it, but I experienced not only severe sleep issues but also anxiety, suicidal depression, muscle symptoms, palpitations, and tension in my head. I also developed really dry eyes that hurt when exposed to the wind.

I began to stay sleep 5+ hours somewhat consistently after about three months then the insomnia came back in full swing, along with some muscle tightness, after eating a lot of that nut bread and I’m waking up after 3 hours again and can’t go back to sleep. This has so far lasted more than a week.

I hope you’ll only get better. Do you monitor what you eat?

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Oh yeah. It was a Hell ride. Far more than simple sleep issues for me:

No, I don’t pay any attention to diet/symptom correlation because I have never noticed any correlation the few times I have paid attention to it.


Wanted to chime in here and say i also crashed from a methyl donor. Its no fun and honoustly feels like i just quit drugs and crash. The methyl donor shrunk my dick, changed my body odor, gave me watery sperm etc. Before this i didnt have all this, now my case is 2 times more severe.


Had a bag of candy that contained black carrot extract. OK, I really fucked up. 2 hours of sleep then wide awake.

I am sorry this happened to you. I can’t believe how many times I’ve fucked up this year. I hope we can recover from this.

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Chocolate defo a no go.
I was told 70 % dark chocolate was the trick…
It was a Huge mistake. Had a couple of bad days after eating it… Was organic, no cheap stuff, quality…
Spent an awful night, anxiety was high and racing heart.
Being early in the process, I think it adds to the problem of PFS. Not only do we have a hard time learning to cope with the syndrome, its consequences ( fatigue, insomnia, over watching any sign your body sends you), but the diet issue is yet another challenge I find hard to come by…
I guess the gut issue in PFS should not be overlooked since eating the wrong types of food make things even worse…

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I was stupid enough to say fuck it and eat half a bar of dark chocolate again. feel fucked few hours later immediatly.

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Same happens to me I avoid chocolate at all cost now. I feel like shit right after I have anything with mayo in it as well so I avoid that stuff since it contains soy.

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I always eat high cocoa chocolate with no apparent ill effect.

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If I understand correctly mayo uses soybean oil which I think should be fine because it doesn’t contain isoflavones. I can’t be sure though, that’s just what I remember reading/

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Paradoxically, this may be a way we make sure we are really under recovery/normal.

Update: Guess what. More than 7 months later and I am still not recovered. Still wake up after around 3 hours and can’t go back to sleep most days. It’s almost like I made zero progress.

Soybean oil still contains low amounts of isoflavones. Not sure if it’s enough to matter. I try to avoid it as much as possible, anyway.

Update: I had an emotional breakdown and past two days I could only stay asleep for 1.5 hours. I can’t believe this is happening. I think I am done.

8 month Update: No improvement to my sleep. Still can only sleep for 3.5 hours at a time. Anyone wanna be miserable with me and take some Navitas Cacao Nibs?

Take atarax 10 mg mates it really helps