Vortioxetine, is it an SSRI? Should I try it?


I’ve been reading posts about people discussing cognitive improvements with this drug.

I know nothing about it and at first glance it looks like an SSRI, so what makes this different from sertraline, citalopram etc?

My condition has been triggered by previous SSRIs and ACCUTANE use, but the past few days my memory has become bad again, I’d be willing to risk trying this as I’m a little fed up, if this can help me think straight, that’s a good start on the right direction.

What are people’s opinions? Should I try it or not :thinking:
Could anyone explain if this works differently than a conventional SSRI?

Thank you in advance.


no u shouldnt
just like other AD it gives sexual sides
that my honest opinion and im a pssd sufferer
the rest is up to u


Reports of positive things from PFS sufferers on here ?


Have you got sexual sides from this drug specifically?


Yeah some people are saying cognitive improvements, i believe @Andrea mentioned it


@KoreanGuy feels better.



@Andrea you commented this
“Ask to your doc about vortioxetine, it’s a new SSRI without sexual side effects.”

When i Googled side effects, it says sexual dysfunction?


Yeah. It can be possible like every antidepressant however I used it and I never had sexual disorders, actually my libido was better.
It need some weeks to work so it’s possible that in early stage you could feel worse but it’s normal, don’t worry.

This randomized study demonstrates that vortioxetine may be beneficial for patients experiencing sexual dysfunction during antidepressant therapy with SSRIs.

Ask to your doc about it.


Just found this comment from @borax in his thread.

" Update: used 10mg Vortioxetine tabs for two days and crashed hard. I’d wager if a study were conducted they’d find Vortioxetine raises neurosteroids just like most other antidepressants. Stay safe guys."

Man I’m so confused, does this mean people who take these 5ar inhibitor substances and have no issues don’t actually have PFS? Maybe not everyone here has PFS and maybe there will be a few people with health anxiety, that’s to expected with pretty much any health forum.
I’m not saying there is but i wouldn’t doubt if there could be at least one or two, but we will never really know until a test comes out to diagnose PFS.


It’s very strange but your doubt is right.
SSRIs are lifesavers in depression and suicidal thoughts cases.
If you think that your symptoms are manageable without vortioxetine, don’t take it.
I am not a doctor and I can’t make diagnosis.
@KoreanGuy feels a lot better with vortioxetine, but however everyone is different.


i told u not to use it and u don’t wanna listen still…


I did listen because i didn’t use it did I. I like getting multiple opinions before I make a final judgement.


I wouldn’t take it tbh.


Yeah I didn’t in the end, asked for bupropion again but they said it’ll make my OCD worse.


Andrea and I, Both of them know the danger of vortioxetine. But at that time, I had no choice because of my suicidal thoughts. I cried everyday everytime in my bed. First, i don’t want to take Antidepressants…
But It was a matter of life and death. So i had to take vortioxetine. Thankfully, It helps me a lot with my suicidal thougts and anxiety. But other symptoms remains the same. Choice is yours and no one know what happens in the future. Just want to let you know my expriences.