voices hormone blood test from dr. mohit khera

Everyone should see this doctor as he is trying to treat patients. The more of us that see this doctor the better chance he has of finding the pattern.

Here is his info: Mohit Khera 6620 Main St #1325 Houston, TX 77030
(713) 798-4001.

It only cost me 175 dollars with insurance plus a plane ticket, you only have to see him once a year the rest of the time you can contact him through email to have him write you prescriptions.
test results 3.pdf (2.22 MB)
test results 2.pdf (4.01 MB)
test results 1-1.pdf (3.26 MB)

I have heard great things about him. PLEASE report back if something he does actually works. Thank you so much.

The money would be better off going to the PFS foundation than to another doctor who wants a piece of the pie.

better start trying something, a cure for this problem through research could take a while. I have already waited 6 years and only getting worse.

How did you find him and why do you recommend him?

How is he different from the other PFS docs?

He’s not. You are all wasting your time. Dr. Khera only has what all other doctors have to offer, i.e., clomid, hcg, arimidex, etc. If I were you, at this point I would wait until the studies come out, then bring papers copies to him. The best we can do for ourselves is supporting the PFS foundation via donations and informing doctors when the research publications come out. This way, we can help spread our novel problem among the scientific community. Treating our problem goes beyond whats currently practiced in medicine. Stop getting excited over a new doctor just because he believes in PFS.

So dgreene you have seen dr. khera?

When i am 80 years old and the studies finally come out on propecia, i am not sure i will care if i am cured or not.

i can’t discuss certain things on the forum if you want to know more about seeing doctor khera send me a message.

what treatment offers?

Well, looks like Dr. Mohit Khera is leading the second major study on PFS. Apparently he is NOT like the other doctors and he actually believes that PFS is real.

I don’t understand why Mohit Khera was even chosen to do this study anyways, he’s a urologist he’s not even equip to figure this out in the first place. Shouldn’t our problem be looked at by a bimolecular scientist?

This didn’t age well…But 2013…Ah normalcy…Weighing 160lbs, energy out the wazoo…Being able to walk in front of a mirror without hiding or cringing…Shame the word didn’t get out to the level of today earlier…Would have saved a lot of lives…

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We can say it didn’t age well if the results that come out don’t add up. In the meanwhile, that comment is an unnecessary jab at someone who is researching our condition.

Who’s researching our condition? Mohit Khera?