Voice update might try ketamine

I’ve been on clomiphene and anestrazole for 10 months now and my hormones look amazing, everything is in perfect range, truly a safe way to balance hormones, but my side effects are still there. Goldstein recommend that I try a ketamine clinic there have been a lot of success stories with people getting there orgasms back from trying this. It’s almost a reset button for the brain

You never experienced mental sides right?

So your hormones “look amazing”, but do you also feel amazing?


I feel normal but my sexual side effects are still there, I have tried countless diets, pelvic floor treatments, hormones and had my nerves checked out. Orgasm is believed to start in the brain, that has to be where the problem lies

Actually from my understanding, it starts with touch to erogenous zones. These nerves extend to the brain, and when they’re stimulated certain neurotransmitters/hormones are released.

But it goes both ways, as getting mentally aroused will send nerve signals to your penis and release NO which will give you an erection.

So it’s a two way street, so to speak.