Voice Testosterone update

I got some test done for Dr. Goldstein and my Testosterone is 309. It used to be consistently high around 600 to 700 range. I’m 34 now I know Testosterone declines when you hit the 30s but this is a pretty big jump


Back from Goldstein’s and I failed every nerve test they had, they want to get an MRI done.

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Goldstein might recommend surgery… and I don’t know if that’s the solution. I know someone that went to him before and based on his advice had surgery.

How did it turn out?

He seems to take a conservative approach does not want to try anything till I hav ed MRI. If he sees nerve problems he wants to use steroids to take down inflammation if that works he will perform surgery.

Goldstein told me had several PGS patients that got better from surgery. He thinks Peopecia causes us to have problems with our nerves in the sacral region

I will only do surgery if the MRI comes back with negative conclusions

He also says my psa50 is high and I need to watch it, this is a increased chance of prostate cancer. If I can prove anything after 13 years my Testosterone dropped in half and now I might get prostate cancer PFS never seems to leave us alone.

He thought the surgery was unnecessary afterwards.

Thanks on the heads up I would only get surgery if I saw some progress or proof with treatments. I ran into another doctor that wanted to do surgery on my Prudential nerve but steroid injections did not help so I declined