Vitamin K1 = ED remedy

Hi lads, hope you’re all doing ok

I just wanted to return to the forum with an update on my regimen.

I’ve been taking L-citrulline (3g) and Vitamin K1 (Phylloquinone) (200mcg) only, for about a month now. My erections and libido have gotten to a point where I want to masturbate every day now and it feels great. My d*ck is hard… stays that way even after finishing and standing up-right. I’ve read that vitamin K actually helps clear the arteries and thus may be helping with my recovery. I must also mention that I have re-introduced carbs in my diet, eating big bowls of pasta and rice as my main meals. I’ve always followed a meat-based diet in the past but the recent combination of supplements and carbs have resurrected my sex drive. I get morning wood every day and have been able to get hard on demand just by focusing on doing so. Although I still struggle to prolong my erections over 20min, I believe that I am on my way to recovery.

That’s all folks, stay positive and keep on pushing…as always.



That’s great you’ve found some relief
Word of caution
especially Masturbation
Just enjoy the libido and use it with caution

I speak from experience

Best of luck

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Hard to pull off when you’ve been isolated from such feelings for such a long time…but thank you for the advice, I’ll enjoy responsibly.

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I only say because that’s how I crashed hard and was rendered virtually nonfunctional in ALL capacities
After I’d masturbated 3 times in one day
I was ridiculously horny and bored

I don’t want anyone to go through the nightmare I went through

You will eventually get a good person to share it with
For now just enjoy the recovery my friend

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Im really really not trying to put you down, but plz postpone making any updates till 3 months mark of real and sustained improvements…Enough ppl have made such posts (Including me) only to collapse back into baseline after a week or two…Other than that i hope it sticks for you.

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Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated as I am still pretty new to the forum. However, I must add that I have been through this hell for 6 years now…where most people rule out a recovery…and have never felt better, ever. I know that my progress is still pretty youthful, but I will definitely update in the coming months. I guess we’ll see where this goes.



Can you attribute your recovery to one substance over another? Reckon it was the reintroduction of carbs mainly? Or did you begin taking the supplements and changing your diet simultaneously?

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Do you attribute the results to the L-citrulline or the Phylloquinone or both? Also I was wondering if you could share with us the brand you are using? I’d love to see if I can duplicated your results

Hi orthogs,

I’ve been taking l-citrulline and l-arginine for a while now and I think it does have benefits for overall blood flow and gym performance. However, when I started taking Vitamin K1 I noticed that my erections where getting as hard as they used to. At the same time the high carb diet seems to increase my libido immediately after eating. I’m now at a point where I am able to get a hard on whenever I want and although not fully recovered…my libido has gotten better. Hope that helps.

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Hi joetz,

L-citrulline has definitely helped blood flow. I have been taking it for a while, L-arginine too, but L-citrulline will boost your nitrous oxide production without loosing it’s effects over time. As I mentioned in my answer to @orthogs, I noticed an immediate improvement in erection quality when I started taking Phylloquinone. The Brand is SOLARAY Lab Certified Vitamin K1 at 100ug (mcg) of which I take two a day.


Hey @Daytona glad to hear about your progress. What made you take Vit K1 in the first place? And through what mechanism do you believe its helping you? Thanks.

Hi @Koranolio I read a post on reddit about a guy who had a high libido after taking Vitamin K. I’ve avoided Vitamin K2 (MK4 and MK7) because they seem to crash people. As mentioned before, Vitamin K seems to help with blood flow, if your arteries are calcified…which often occurs with high doses of Vitamin D (which I took around a year ago). Vitamin K also helps blood-clotting, which is essential to maintain an erection. So simply put, I believe that Vitamin K1 is clearing my arteries and also clotting my blood, which explains the improvements in my ED.

How long did you take these supplements before you noticed a difference? I just started today….feel a little light headed and buzzy, but no libido change yet

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I have talked about vitamin k alot, mainly k2. k1 and k2 requirements might be more likely fulfilled by intestinal bacteria, not dietary choices. Most of us are not deviating much from what the standard population consumes diet wise.
Its one of the reasons I have been looking at this bacteria as well,
though I have been wrong about some things.

Quantitative measurement of tetrahydromenaquinone-9 in cheese fermented by propionibacteria

Propionibacteria produce tetrahydromenaquinone-9 [MK-9 (4H)] as a major menaquinone (vitamin K2). This study aimed to determine the MK-9 (4H) concentration in commercial propionibacteria-fermented cheese. The MK-9 (4H) concentration was quantified using an HPLC instrument with a fluorescence detector after postcolumn reduction. Among the various cheese samples, the MK-9 (4H) concentration was highest in Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese, followed by Swiss Emmental cheese. In contrast, the MK-9 (4H) concentrations in Appenzeller or Gruyère cheeses were extremely low or undetected. Likewise, the concentrations in Comte and Raclette cheeses were lower than those in Jarlsberg and Emmental cheeses. In the present study, the MK- 9 (4H) concentration in cheese showed a correlation with the viable propionibacterial cell count and propionate concentration. This implies that the increase in propionibacteria contributed to the generation of MK-9 (4H) in cheese. We presumed, based on these results, that Swiss Emmental and Norwegian Jarlsberg cheeses contain a meaningful amount of vitamin K because of their high MK-9 (4H) concentrations (200 to 650 ng/g).

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I do suggest combining a high carb diet with the K1, which is what got my libido going…the positive effects on erections were noticeable after about 3 days in.

I think one of the reasons why it seems like we never get anywhere on this forum is because we all respond differently to things we put in our body. Give 4 people a beer and all 4 will have different reactions. For me I had no effect from taking vitamin k unfortunately

I have no doubt it helped Daytona, and I’m glad he found something that helped him and shared it with the rest of us.

For me I’m going to have to keep searching for a solution


not much studies specifically about k1, but MK4 seems to induce steroidogenesis via PKA , and increase T synthesis in testis, as well as upregulate CYP11A … .etc

But k1 is converting to MK4 in humans.

Conversion of K1 into MK-4 was
observed not only in animals but also in humans [3,21–28].
MK-4 appears to be an activated form of K, similar to the
activated forms found in the metabolism of other vitamins (A
and D); however, the physiological significance of MK-4
conversion has not been elucidated thus far.

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