Vitamin D warning!

I was diagnosed with low vitamin d, so the doctor prescribed me 10,000iu of vitamin d in capsule form.

Took my first one today and didn’t think anything more of it until later tonight I got heart palpitations. I looked up vitamin d overdose and voila, causes palpitations!

Be careful!

I take 40-60,000 IUs per day (take K2 w it).

Its been one of the supplements that remains a staple for me, it helps that much.

I read that it needs other vitamins like magnesium, so if you’re deficient it can lead to too much calcium in the blood, which causes palpitations.

Just an update that I restarted vit d without any problems, so it was probably something else.

you guys have been reading my posts for almost 5 years and I have been taking VitD3 for almost 4.5 years without any problem.

Thanks, I think I drew the wrong conclusion. It’s easy to draw patterns and establish links that aren’t necessarily there, especially when so little is known about our condition. Can I ask what improvements you noticed with vitamin d?

Maybe this article will be helpful @pete

7 Reasons Not to Take Vitamin K with D

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Do articles aimed at normal functioning people ever apply to PFS