Vitamin D problem

So I get my bloods back and my Vit D is 32.6
(Range from 30-100)

I figured that’s the reason why I feel depressed more around the winter and generally just have anxiety and depression

My libido has been really lackluster as of the last several months to varying degrees

I take Vit D 5000 iu…take a nap. Wake up with a massive headache but other than that feel fine

Now I feel like my libido is just almost completely gone. My brain isn’t responding to visual stimuli nearly as well as it used to.
It always fluctuated but it’s considerably worse after the Vit D.
I’m not necessarily blaming it I just don’t know.

Like it’s Vit D REALLY?!?!?

I really hope it doesn’t stay this way because now it feels like full on ED


Had you ever experienced something similar? If not, it’s likely Vit D.

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I mean I’ve had headaches from naps I guess rarely
Maybe it was just a coincidence

But I just feel my brain just ain’t firing libido was like it used to

I’m panicking hoping it comes back

Maybe you should quit Vit D.

How long have you been off Fin? It seems like you are a long term sufferer.

I’ve been off of it for about 10 years

I was fine by and large except for a sensation problem down there

Now I have this
I don’t understand the fuck?

Man out of curiosity: if you are “fine” except for sensation … why would you open that “Saddling up for life alone” thread?

Anyway, stay away from the supplement if it doesn’t work for you. And if your PFS is manageable, I wouldn’t really touch a thing.

I opened because it’s been steadily getting worse over the past 10 years
Now I’m having the worst ED of my life as of late

So I started it because how could I possibly be with someone while having this symptom so badly?

Are you able to perform sexually?

I mean, even at 50/60% would be ok.

You don’t have to settle down with a nympho, and if you are able to put yourself togheter you don’t need to be a sex God to find a girl.

A lot of women aren’t even interested in having sex more than once per week.

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I’m not being obstinate but this is information is shocking to me if that’s true regarding women lol

Well I used to be able to perform fine with the exception of no tactile touch sensation

But now I can’t feel when I’m hard like from the inside barley

C’mon man.

What do you mean?

But now I have no libido like barley at all
Nothing registers

You can have a more than decent relationship in your conditions.

Again, are you able to perform sexually?

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That’s what ok trying to say, no I can not!

The last time I had sex was a disaster of a failure and now even porn is BARLEY and I mean barely doing it for me

I’ve never felt so sapped in that area
I just pray to God it’s not permanent

You tried Cialis, Viagra … ?

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Viagra yes. I do respond

I haven’t used it much as I didn’t want to get a tolerance.
It works I guess ok on me

But like I said…my main concern the non responsiveness of the visual (my brain) it’s basically zero
If I don’t respond visually or many other what good is viagra

You’re definitely overestimating the quality of the relationships out there.

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True…most relationships are utter shit now