Vitamin D make it worse?

I took a single dose of 20.000 I.E. 'cause I was diagnosed with deficite and got more skin numbness. Why? I think Vitamin D is good for health and well being. PSSD is so strange, it is like the body react paradox to things that were normally good before.


The results reported from vitamin D supplementation on this site are all over the place.

A few members report pronounced and sustained benefits and there are a couple reports of severe crashes induced by vit-D.

There is one PAS patient outside of this site I was in contact with who crashed and developed penile tissue atrophy and gyno after high-dose vit-D.

Moderate doses (500-1,000 IU) never seemed to either help or aggravate my symptoms, but I’m always wary.

I personally tried Vit D3 and it was just like breathing air. These bullshit vitamin trends must be stopped here, they do more harm than good. I don’t think any silly thing like Vitamins can cure something like pfs.

Vitamin D has plenty of interactions by most accounts.

My endocrinologist prescribed me 100,000 IUs weekly (2x50,000 IUs). I haven’t taken any out of concern…been doing 2000 IUs daily instead.

The picture has varied, for me.

I tried taking it in pill forum about 6 or 7 years ago. I noticed a considerable increase in anxiety and I was having problems as a result. After noticing what was happening I dropped the vitamin D and the anxiety dissipated. There were no other variables at the time.

On the flip side, I have generally benefited from some limited sunbathing in summer. A key thing is that I shelter my face using a hat, since it burns easily after Accutane. I’ve associated the sunbathing with improved mood and energy levels. It seems like I cannot tolerate vitamin D via pill form. But sun exposure seems good.

Given this observation, I have recently bought a vitamin D sunlamp. For safety reasons I am using it in small amounts only, couple of times a week, and varying the areas of my body getting the exposure. This seems to be increasing my overall sense of wellbeing. It is too early to be conclusive.

If you attempt to take vitamin D via pill form, you may see some types which come with vitamin K2.
However I would add a significant warning that there has been strong negative reactions logged on this site where users took K2 and experienced a significant crash. In one case this unfortunately appears to have resulted in a suicide.

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You can take 5000 to 10000i.u dayli in combination with k2