Vitamin D is giving me pain in nipples and balls

Hey guys, my vitamin D is chronically low.

Vit d - 40 nmol/l ( below 50 is low)

Whenever i supplement with vitamin D, even cod liver oil I get insane balls ashe and huge nipple pain that lasts for weeks. Being on sun doesnt increase levels at all. What is the reason for this ?

Plenty of people have gotten worse from vitamin D on here

I’d stop taking it if I were you

As for vitamin d levels, I have no idea why it won’t go up

As for the reaction, vitamin d alters hormone levels, so it can cause our symptoms to go up

Yea i stopped it. Don’t want to risk gynecomastia or smth worse. Will focus on repairing my HTPA first

Bro the best advice I can give you is don’t try to fix anything.

Everything you’re trying to do has been attempted before.

Donate money to the foundation if you can so we can get more studies done to find real therapeutic options.

Bro my HTPA isnt working at all, i have to fix it :slight_smile: My LH, FSH, T are below lowrange, i don’t want my balls to atrophy

Yeah I’ve heard this 20 times before

Good luck but if you get worse don’t say no one warned you