vitamin D and testicular function/androgen synthesis

Funny that nearly everybody on here has below range vitamin D. I supplement in constantly, but still can’t seem to range my levels.

Yeah below levels Vitamin D is the only abnormality in my tests so far. I supplement with mega dose vitamin D now.

Have you all had any other vitamin levels checked. Is this a malabsorption issue? I am having mine checked tomorrow. I have been taking ~2,000 IU daily.

I mentioned my low vitamin D once to a doctor in passing… not one I was seeing but one I met while on a airplane. He told me that I should have it investigated further, that there are specific causes of low vita D that can be identified. None of the docs who ordered the vita D tests recommended any further testing. I don’t know I have never heard of anyway to pin it down further.


That is interesting feedback. I think most think of low vitamin D as just proportional to time-indoors. Or living in an an area with low sunlight.

If you ever get more context of what could drain vitamin D please update the thread.

For us its not just being indoors. Vitamin D is the onlu vitamin that is also a hormone. At the time of my last vitamin d test I was living oaths gulf coast and was out in the sun constantly. Also I am of mixed Italian and Swedish decent… I am fairly “pale” so I should be getting very good absorption from even limited time in the sun.

Note - most people in Western countries have below range Vitamin D. They do not have the problems we have.

Yeah. PFS is not specifically low vitamin D. But if we do have significantly lower levels, I would like to investigate that thread.

You’re also right in that it’s common these days.

A lot of us are not just low we are extremely deficient.

Most people are deficient - they just don’t get tested.

Not saying it’s not worthwhile trying to boost within ‘healthy’ levels as it certaintly has a hormonal function - but the likelyhood is that it will have negilible impact on your PFS symptoms. I’ve tried continous 10000 ui doses for months with little effect.

I recently got my vit. D checked and it’s fine. Still feel like shit.

Vitamin D is difficult to absorb orally, the best way to get it is from the sun, don’t worry about skin cancer, 20 mins a day in moderation. Try the tanning salon, tropical environments have the lowest incidence of internal deadly cancers, skin cancers are rarely deadly and easily curable, when you look at colder places with less sun, you see higher cancer levels that are the internal scary kinds.
Vitamin D is also a mood stabilizer, I am not sure it does much orally, but be careful, too much can be very dangerous and it builds up in your system.

I had been out in the sun last summer - every day 1-2 hours without sun screen. Still my levels were 22 ng/mmol which is super low.
Now in winter it dropped to 12 ng/mmol. Therefore I started supplementing.

I think the thin dry skin of PFS patients cannot produce D3 suffienctly, just as the thin dry skin of old androgene deprived 80-year-olds can’t.

Would love to just get my vitmain D3 from sun, but it seems not to be sufficient.

If someone has a good explanation how PFS leads to such low D3 levels let me know (I believe it is a kind of accelerated aging of the skin due to low local DHT levels).