Vitamin C fixed my nails

Hi guys.

So, PFS hit quite hard, and its signs are pretty freaking visible on my body.

One of the things this stupid condition managed to interfere with, is my nails. I known nail problems are quite common in PFSers, so I though my experience could be useful to some.

Up until last summer, my nails were messed up. They had shortened a lot and were coming off the skin in mutiple places. A lot of times, a little circle would appear right in the middle, just to be pushed toward the upper part of the nail as it grew.

Natural Vitamin C fixed this problem 90% in a span of a week. 500 mg per day. Mind, I took “natural” Vitamin C. I won’t mention the brand as its products are only available in Italy, and I’m sure it’s no different from any other brand.

For the record, it also gave me a little reflux (only if taken in the evening) and diahrrea.

A week? How could nails even grow out that fast

I’ve seen it man.

You’ve had your nails grow that fast? Or you had vitamin c help