Vit C experiences

What’s the consensus on vit c? I know D K E A have all caused problems and sometimes drastic problems for members.

But is vit c relatively safe?

What’s your experience with vitamin c been? Also What kind of vit c are people using?


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Good question I was about to ask the same

I use 500mg sometimes, I can’t say it did me any good or bad.

I don’t use it on training days because high intake of antioxidants will cancel out the workout.

I mean are you talking of high RDA pills and supplements of these vitamins listed?
Surely you are not avoiding them altogether ?

Can’t say that I noticed any negatives here. I had a cold starting and felt lymph nodes swell up, took a big dose for a few days, seemed to help clear it. Beyond this I do not take it and try to get intake from a healthy diet.

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I got severe stomach burning at 1000 mg. Threw it into the dustbin.

I am taking 1g/day since 23rd of july 2021. Everything fine for me at the moment.

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So it is just the supplements , people are not actually trying to avoid the vitamins from the food??

What brand were u using?

A lot of foods high in vit c are also 5ari so I’m asking about supplementation yes

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Now c-1000

Vit C is also a demethylating agent, which might be good according to the theory. It also acts as on adrenal glands, for some it gives stomach burning.

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Fine as in its helping pfs symptoms?

I stopped taking vitamins since few months. Sometimes I take vitamine c tabs but not regularly. It did not help me significantly.