Vit B12 should always be avoided?

I suffer from Central serous chorioretinopathy (CSR), this eye disease generally requires Vit C, B12 and Flavonoid supplements. Are these supplements always bad for PSSD / PFS sufferers?

take what i say with a grain of salt because i genuinely dont know the whole science

but methylcobalamine reactions bad for us

i take hydroxycobalamine without issue. but dont be surprised if that makes you crash as well, so im not recommending anything

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What dosage do you take?

I’d say although there are recorded reactions to Vitamin C and B12, they seem to be more on the safe side, depending on the stability of your condition. Patients more susceptible to crashing should of course be more careful with these.

Flavonoids are anti-androgenic and therefore not recommended.

Vitamin C? You mean vitamin D right?

1 ml injections

Vit c is bad? I can’t find one negative reaction on here

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Can u please let us know if vit c is indeed bad for us?

Unfortunately no-one is in a position to make declarative statements about what is good or bad for PFS patients. There is just too much variability and a lack of understanding to do so.

As you’ve noted, you couldn’t find any negative reactions, so that’s probably the best I can do as well.

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Thanks man :v:

I’ve taken high dosage cyanocobalamin without any sides