Visual libido/Arousal

Has anyone experienced a recovery in visual libido/desire after an extended period? It’s been a year for me now and I’ve hardly seen any improvement in this area. All my other sides are manageable but I would do anything to get this back…


Yes, from zero acknowledgement of gender (and therefore interest) to realising I was checking people out as I traveled.

I haven’t done anything but avoid 5ari foods.


Yep mine has increased over the years too, I’ve definitely started noticing hot guys when I’m out and about and even porn can now sometimes get me excited.


Mine has taken a massive dip as of late

Over the last 10 years for the most part I was fine except for a few very brief periods here and there

But as of late…I just don’t know anymore

I used to have to go home sometimes to relieve myself because I was so worked up
Now?..not even close to being close

This is at the very least, troubling :man_facepalming:t2: