Visual libido/Arousal

Has anyone experienced a recovery in visual libido/desire after an extended period? It’s been a year for me now and I’ve hardly seen any improvement in this area. All my other sides are manageable but I would do anything to get this back…


Yes, from zero acknowledgement of gender (and therefore interest) to realising I was checking people out as I traveled.

I haven’t done anything but avoid 5ari foods.


Yep mine has increased over the years too, I’ve definitely started noticing hot guys when I’m out and about and even porn can now sometimes get me excited.


Mine has taken a massive dip as of late

Over the last 10 years for the most part I was fine except for a few very brief periods here and there

But as of late…I just don’t know anymore

I used to have to go home sometimes to relieve myself because I was so worked up
Now?..not even close to being close

This is at the very least, troubling :man_facepalming:t2:

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Have you tried Viagra or Ciallis, maybe just a little to start. I found it can help even with libido and boosts confidence.

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I have
Cialis a long time ago because I had it on hand
Now only Viagra because that’s all I have

They work ok but the lack of visual and mental libido is really

It’s gotten worse over time

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hardest symptom to improve on. In the first year after pfs didnt notice any improvements, took about 1.5 or 2 years to finally notice improvements in thast area.

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Did you do anything or just wait it out?

Absolutely THE hardest side to improve and last to go away.

I am almost recovered sexually however this side still lingers. I used to think Penile sensitivity was the last but nope, visual libido is DEFINITELY worse.

Specifically visual libido as it relates to physical arousal. You might get mentally aroused but physically arousal is unfortunately weak. This is one of the most gut wrenching feelings and side effects. A clear difference from pre-fin days.

I haven’t personally found any fixes, the only hope is to do NoFap hardmode for many many months with absolutely zero porn consumption. Im currently 1 week in.

sidenote: I believe there’s another side effect that is equally as bad also one the last to go away. I call it “Core Libido” or essentially general libido/sex drive. This is the raw “horny feeling” sex drive that men get at random times throughout the day or in mornings/nights. Its simply non-existent/extremely unfrequent. To me this side effect and visiual libido have a very similar mechanism and are closely reelected. they are cousin side effects.


I can still get physical response if attracted to people though it’s the reverse to you - I don’t feel any actual pleasure to it largely

Totally agree on what you describe as core libido and have posted on this before , went away one day and never came back

How did you get sensitivity back?

I wish I got the physical response… this is truly torture.

in terms of sensitivity, I never did anything specific but just let time pass by. I did use Cialis for a couple of months for general blood flow help but im not sure if that aided with sensitivity.

I was indeed quite surprised that i somewhat regained my sensitivity back. I went from having a complete rubber penis to about 70-85% feeling normal. Improvements started around the 6 month post fin mark.

Still in complete distraught over my core and visual libido issues. Hopefully those will improve :confused:

btw: soon I will make a longer post regarding my recovery process so far,

Sounds like we need to combine our brains haha. It’s a two edged sword. I generally feel nothing, there is no pleasure response anywhere in my body.

I feel emotions as normal but not physical pleasure.

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Visual arousal is not the issue. This got better and better over time so I can say that I got really horny by looking at girls now. But the big problem is I don’t even start masturbating after because I am scared of not being able to maintain the erection and I know that I will get demotivated after trying. So clearly head to dick connection-issues here for me.

bumping this,

ANyone recovered from this? are you able to get a 100% full erection without manual touch?

I’m able to do that but I’m still taking tadalafil and sildenafil. And despite having full erection from visual arousal I still don’t feel any sexual excitement as I used to. Like all this process occurs somehow bypassing my consciousness.

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