Video interview with George Barreto

Dear all,

on Monday I am going to make a video interview with G. Barreto, a fairly new researcher who is getting more and more interested in PFS,PSSD and PAS.

If you have any questions about him as a researcher or the research that he is doing, feel free to add you questions here.

If you read this after Monday you can still add your questions. Maybe there is going to be a part II one day.

Please don´t write these researchers as our community tends to spam PFS researchers so that they nearly go crazy. That´s what is happening indeed. If you write them letters they will have less time to do research for our cause.

Instead of writing them, please add you questions here and I willl try to cover them asked in this or one of the next interviews.

Best wishes!


I would love to know what he thinks about possible involvement of NMDA-Transmission, not only in our case but in general as well with patients who have Anhedonia…
We seem to share a lot of symptoms, not only on the level of PFS/PSSD/PAS, but with anhedonia patients and negative symptoms in schizophrenia, and a possible general mechanism behind all these Diseases might be plausible…Irrelavent to the culprit leading to that, the end goal or „damage“ might be the same.

Thank you for setting this up!

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Oh thank you so much for this. I wan’t to know what does he think about the androgen receptor upregulation theory. How our receptors become so damn hypersensitive to male hormones even if we take it exogenously ! Same goes for serotonin and dopaminergic receptors for pssd and estrogen receptors for post arimidex syndrome.

Also, will u ask him regarding a recovery we had here …

What could be the possible causes and chances for this !!

Plz ask him regarding receptor sciences of upregulation and downregulation as much as possible.

Here’s my question: it’s argued that with usage of finasteride, the body eventually loses its natural 5-AR enzymes that help convert testosterone to DHT. Is there a means to replenish these enzymes? Also in rats, it’s shown that rats that ingest Finasteride experience a degradation in the part of the brain responsible for dopamine; can the damage reverse and if not, is it advantageous for SSRIs such as Wellbutrin or is the brains pathways likely forever damaged?

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Thank you for all your hard work and effort to help this community… :pray:


Mine would be is there anyway to resolve the receptor issue. Thank you for what youre doing to try to help all of us :heartbeat: