Video game thread

Do you like video games?

Do you prefer cartoonish or realistic graphics?

Do you like Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PC, Gameboy, etc?

Do you like Mario, Sonic, Kirby, GTA, Donkey Kong?

What are your favorites?

I played Pong and PacMan in the bars in the 70s and early 80s, and once had an Atari 2600 with some game cartridges. I also had something by Texas Instrument.

I haven’t played any kind of video game in over 30 years. Come to think of it, this isn’t helping. I think I’ll slink off now into my own little dusty corner of my own little room… Jim :wink:

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I love videogames and I consider them my passion, i’m kinda hardcore with that actually. When all this mess started I set aside all my hobbies including games, but luckily now i’m returning back to normal and continuing were I left.
Anyways, I could talk about it but it seems like you guys are not very much into this hobby, so if you want a reccomendation from my part, just ask me, i’m always in a mood for talking about videogames, I know a lot about the topic.

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*High five, brother!

Oh, this is going to be fun!

I was thinking about Bowser, one of the popular video game villains. As rich as he is, he could get us a fix very fast if he was real. He has how many castles in how many different games? As many as there are trees, it seems. Not only that, his castles make real life castles and mansions look like bird cages and dog houses by comparison. This doesn’t include the repairs after Mario destroys them, along with the employees, soldiers, robots, technology, weapons, vehicles, and etc he has. I doubt the richest people in real life could compete with him. He never kidnapped princess Peach; she goes with him willingly. He could get any woman with his wealth. Mario is the truth villain for destroying his castles out of jealousy.

Doctor Eggman is also someone who could invent a fix for us fast. How is he, the genius scientist and inventor the villain, yet Sonic, the loud, rude, dimwitted, egotist is the hero? What does that teach children?

Imagine how much all these so-called “villains” could accomplish if real! When we are young and growing up, we don’t think of things like this until we get older.

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