Very short attention span , Spaced out

Hi Guys

I stopped propecia 10 months ago. I recovered in the most sides , sexual and physical.

But mentally I’m done . I feel I’m really disable .

I have zero Focus , attention , very bad memory ,. I lost the sence of time .

I can’t watch movie , i can’t read a book . Im spaced out , i feel like I’m zoning out .

I Forgot the names of my colleagues . I can’t handle my job anymore . Many people noticed that and they told me you have a very short attention span .

I’m always forgetting my things , my keys , wallet , mobile . I really can’t tolerate any more .

I’m done , i swear im done .

I tried to go with good diet , vitamins , omega 3 .but nothing changed.

My hormones profile is good , I don’t want to mess with my hormones again .

I really don’t know what’s happened to my brain , is this a permanent damage , or neurotransmitters imbalance . I did MRI and EEG and everything is normal . I don’t know what the hell is this ,. I feel my eyes are not connected to my brain .

Guys please tell me if you have any suggestions .

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How is your sleep? Lack of sleep makes the mental symptoms worse, as is stress.
Try to sleep as good and as much as you can. And if you can do some sports, even if its only walking, this helped my with brain issues. And maybe try some ketogenic diet, many feel better on low carbs.
Whats going on with you unfortunately nobody can tell. Theories are that fin messed up with neurotransmitters, but nobody knows. Give it more time (I know thats not what one wanna hear). Good luck!

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If you can, run. Running is an adaptogen, normalizes neurotransmitter levels in the brain.
Also triggers neurogenesis - new nerve cell generation.

Support it with IF for days when you are resting.


Wem Hoff breathing technique helped with me sleep. I it opens up your airways and makes your breathing ability stronger which helps get more oxygen to the brain at night.

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But I know what you mean , the mental sides are the worst. I feel like I cant learn anything new , I have a hard time staying focused. Its almost like an attention disorder. When I tried Welbutrin it helped , i believe it works the same as ridilan which they give kids who have attention deficit disorders. Wellbutrin might be worth a try

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