Very quick physical changes in the penis, and I mean VERY QUICK

After inspecting it for a while 2 times, today and yesterday, i’ve noticed that my penis is constantly changing it’s shape, its form varies in a matter of 20 or 30 seconds, and I don’t mean by enlarging as it normally does when you stimulate it, its form changes to an abnormal shape and comes back to (kinda) normal before my eyes, it’s amazing, but scary.
Additionally, I noticed that the deformities are consistent, by that I mean that there are certain fixed shapes it varies from. The most recognizeble ones are the hourglass shape one; dented in only one side (like the hourglass but it only manifests in one side, producing a twist); and normal, with no dent or twist whasoever.
As I said, it’s constantly changing between these forms in a matter of seconds.
Is this normal? Has anyone experienced something simmilar? I know others have mentioned the hourglass shape, but not in such temporary context.
Seems like i’m crazy, but I swear it on my life, I should record it on video but even then, I don’t think I could post it on here.
Do you think it’s a good sign also?


I have had this too for the past few months, seemingly constant changes. There are even rare occasions where it is back to its pre-fin flaccid size. I have found it better for my mental health to try not to worry about it constantly and obsess over it.

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I’ve also had these things happen at one point or another. I know that irregularities and differences to how your genitals normally used to look or feel are freaky and scary. But I don’t think it’s anything permanent or something to worry about. It’s probably best not to obsess over every little detail too much.

Have this too brother.

I’ve had instances where it becomes ‘hard flaccid’ like a stiff shrunken rod, other times it’s weightless and droopy like an overcooked noodle, then it curves to the left, sometimes the hourglass (right under the glans) is more pronounced, other times it settles down. Sometimes it seems to gain mass again, only to lose it all moments later and become this numb flat piece of skin dangling between my legs. All kinds of weird shapes. In these two years, despite all the different shapes, it has never been normal, though.

You don’t have to swear it on your life, we believe you. Unlike all my doctors and family, who just think I’m crazy.

Nonetheless, I did multiple dopplers and ultrasounds and no actual damage could be found. So I agree with Wintermoon that once we get it sorted out, those shapes will return to normal. Even tough I must admit that I have a incredibly hard time convincing myself it ever will.

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I have this, very strange.