Very prominent veins on penis, hands and feet

Ok, are there any blood tests (or any other test for that matter) that I could take that would show that I have this problem?

Unfortunately not. The damage is most likely related to estrogen receptors. To prove this you should find a doctor who is willing to take you seriously (unfortunately all doctors are presumptuous). We are with our hands tied.

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Ok, what are the chances that this could heal? I mean that the subcutaneous fat comes back. Another thought that bothers me is if this is dangerous. I mean it’s getting worse and I’m starting to think that the fat is there for a reason and that is to protect for example the blood vessels. Now that it gone, can they brake more easily? I mean if they brake I’ll probably bleed pretty badly.

For what it’s worth @Microda the veins on my feet were like that when I was younger and I never cut a vein accidentally and nobody ever commented on the aesthetics of it either. Of all the problems that are documented here, this isn’t a bad one, I know it bothers you but try to not let it get to you.

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Unless you have varicose veins that seem bruised I doubt there is much reason to worry.
It’s probably just gravity honestly. Perfectly normal for your veins to swell like that especially when you are standing/sitting or in any pose where your legs/feet are under the weight of your body. Same with your arms/hands if you hold them up their veins will be less swollen and when you hold them down more blood will accumulate there. If you are a skinny person or otherwise have low fat this will be more prominently visible.

I’ve had visible veins like these all my life even before Fin and no reason to assume there’s any health problem involved.

Thanks @Greek and @Wintermoon for your answers. Of course I understand that there are worse problems than this on the forum. I too suffer from severe sexual disorders and other scarier stuff. Many of them are documented in my other posts.

This one is so visible though and I think it’s like proof that something is wrong with my body. I’m going to see a doctor soon and I’m thinking of showing her this picture and also older pictures that shows that my body didn’t look like this before PFS. I’m struggling to find a doctor that believes that PFS is real so maybe doing that could help.

With that said I’m also going to try and heed your advise and try not too focus on this problem so much.

Otherwise what do you think about @Rb26dett theory that this is due to impaired estrogen receptor? I have no idea what that means btw.

Well, firstly, sorry to hear about your other problems. I hope it didn’t sound like I was talking down to you.

With regard to the doctor’s appointment, I am not sure that the doctor will be able to draw conclusions from the visibility of veins. In fact, I think it’s unlikely.

Have you taken the doctor’s pack on this site to them? That might help you.

As for receptor talk, it’s not something I know about, but even if it were definitely the case, I don’t know how we could prove or treat that.

Thanks and no, I didn’t take it as if you were talking down to me. From what I’ve understood you’re one of the administrators of this site so it’s always interesting to hear your opinon.

I will try and show the doctor this site. Unfortunately they usually say that I should stay away from forums like this.

Look here and there’s some info to show your doctor, so you needn’t refer them here.


I’m bumping this thread again because I just read on that one of the know side effects of PFS is Lipoatrophy (localized loss of fat tissue). Isn’t that exactly what I have? I mean isn’t it the loss of fat that makes the veins so visible?

I know you guys told my that I shouldn’t worry too much about this but I still think it’s scary (I too have other worse sides such as severe sexual disorders).

Here’s another picture to show you what I mean. This time of my arm and hand.

I have this same symptoms, veins on legs which i never had before fin. This is probably due to high cortisol + androgen receptor damage. When i reduced my cortisol with ash and brahmi, these veins got less prominent and physical symptoms got better. Most of us have adrenal problems here.

Thanks for your answer. Do you still take ashwagandha and brahmi and how much in that case? Are there any side effects with taking these supplements? I haven’t tried any supplements yet but if these could help me I’m willing to give it a try.

You mention high cortisol. Is that something that shows in your blood tests? I did a cortisol test about six months ago but I don’t think it showed anything out of the ordinary. This was my result then:
S-Kortisol 585 nmol/L

I don’t understand too much about blood tests but the doctor said this was in the normal range.

As for adrenal problems, is there any test I can do to see if I have a problem there?


Please stop saying in this forum that all problems are due to androgen receptors. We know that this is the root cause and that it triggers a whole series of hormonal cascades with different consequences for different individuals.

Things at the metabolic and endocrine level are not linear and not so simple. This poison is an endocrine disruptor and as such affects so many things. More research would be needed to find out for example if estrogen receptors are affected (I am completely convinced).

In my case when I started finasteride that fat increased and then when I stopped I started with the same symptoms. Veins in the penis, fat loss in face, hands etc.

I have a biochemistry degree and I’m sick and tired of reading real bullshit on this forum. High level broscience and the best thing is that you then see people saying that if their androgen receptors are cured everything goes back to normal.

This causes harm and misinformation and people end up doing absurd things like the cucumber diet or confusing the cure for mental symptoms with the cure for physical symptoms.