Very positive experience with TUDCA

I have been taking TUDCA for 25 days now. 600mg a day spaced out through 3 doses. I take it with food. Thank you a lot @AaronF for pulling my attention towards this supplement. I have tried 100s of supplements to no avail the last 3 years trying to get better and TUDCA have been the only thing that has helped along with Tribulus but I will not recommend Tribulus because I can see that some people on here got worse from it.

My digestion is very very good now since starting TUDCA. After getting PFS I mostly had very mushy loose stools almost like diahrrea now my stools are better than ever and my stomach discomfort is mostly gone. I also sweat again like before PFS and my manly body odor has returned. My energy has also improved quite a bit so I can do a bit of lifting/sports again. My skin is no longer bone dry and I get acne again. Sleep is a bit better and deeper but I do still awake at least twice a night and have trouble falling back asleep :frowning: Sperm is thick and white again like before PFS and no longer pure water. My skin color is more healthy and darker and no longer pale and unhealthy looking. I feel some aggression again and my libido is a bit higher. My beard and body hair is also growing fast and thick again.

So all in all a positive experience. I will continue with TUDCA for some time. Thank you for reading and good day :slight_smile:


Nice, I wonder if it’s an an anti androgen. Hopefully the improvements last.

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Good to see you’ve gotten improvements, I never used anything more then 500mg might have to up the dose if I try it again.

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Did you have ED and dull orgasm issues too? Also did your semen volume improved too?

Nice man! happy to hear good news, want to try, what brand are u using?

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How long did it take for you to start seeing results with tudca?