Very low Vitamin D blood test and now having negative response to Vit D supplements (Help)

Hi all,

I am creating this thread to see if anyone is in my situation or any idea what I should do.

Recently I had some blood tests which were not too good. They didn’t include vitamin D.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to test my vitamin D myself via a private test service.
The blood test came back 13.37 Ng/ml

The blood test report advised for me to start supplementing Vitamin D

I started with a low dose, day one 1000iu, same day two, day three 2000 and day four 3000 iu

I got a bad reaction, my already stiff neck has got worse, pain in lower and upper back and left knee. I have now discontinued it.

My calcium levels are normal range.

When I am in the sun I feel I get a vitamin D hit and get no negative sides.
In fact the sun makes my symptoms and my well being so much better.

What can I do to try make my body absorb it better?
I live in Ireland and we really only get warm sunshine May to August

I am thinking it might be a receptor issue as last Christmas I took Boron small dose for four days and got really bad thoracic back pain, time and chiropractic treatment resolved it

One other thing, my breakfast is always 1 and 1/2 portion of Bran flakes and actimel drink which is 85% of Vitamin D RDA and I probably get more rest of the day with diet.

What bloods did you get that was “not so good”?

Also vitamin d takes a long time to accumulate, so raising the dosage day by day like that it’s the best choice. Should start low for a couple of months and re-test.

We don’t really know much about vitamin d’s role in PFS but personally I’ve been between 25-50 ng/dL or so and not felt much difference.

My cholesterol has doubled from 2 to 4.2
My triglycerides has gone to above out of range from normal
My thyroid TSH has gone from 2 to 4.8
My testosterone dropped from 25 to 19

All after just taking two Tribulus capsules 8 months ago.

My Doc is sending me to see a urologist

But I cannot take Vitamin D anymore, it’s giving me back, neck and knee pain which is scaring me.

Yeah don’t use it if you get a bad reaction. Maybe try getting daily sun in the summer and then you can re-test your value if you want to see if there’s any difference.

Not sure how a urologist could help you with those issues though, maybe a endocrinologist would be a better option.

I told my Doc that it made my penal shrinkage worse and losing hair on body, legs and arm.

But maybe I should see an endocrinologist which he also seem to suggest

Hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia is both common if you are hypothyroid.

So might be why you got it. But you should talk to a knowledgeable doc about it.

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Okay thank you

Just thinking I got a letter from local hospital last week about urology appointment for next month so assume my doc arranged it from recent GP visit but I had prostate scan in January so maybe its about that

But not sure they would leave it this long if an issue showed up on scan

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