Very Low DHT, Normal Estrogen & Test (DHT Cream?)

Been dealing with fin side effects for the past 4.5 months (I only took it for a week). My biggest issue has been with my brain and cognitive function/memory/mood. My libido and erection hasn’t been effected at all. I just got my lab work back and I was happy to hear my estrogen was lower and in the normal range along with my test being pretty normal. However my DHT was just below the normal range.

Estrogen: 35 pg/mL (20-80)
Testosterone Total: 512 ng/dL (240-950)
Testosterone Free: 13.3 ng/dL (5.25-20.7)
Assay Thyroid Stim Hormone: 3.800 u[IU]/mL (0.300 - 5.600)
DHT: 28 ng/dL (30-85)

I don’t know if anyone has similar lab results as me with my sides (mostly brain issues not dick issues) and if anythings helped them. I’ve been looking into DHT cream, but I see people have had dick issues once they’ve started using it so I’m hesitant to get it. I want to give it a least a year before I really start playing with my hormones again.

I suggest you to hit the gym 3-5 times a week. You may recover this side effects naturally, especially when your dick is still working (amazing btw, you are lucky

I have been lifting heavy 6x week for the past 4 months, that’s the thing that’s concerning for me. I still have low DHT even with Test boost I’ve gotten from lifting so frequently. I know you say I’m lucky, but when you feel as smart as rock with how slow my cognitive function is I would happily trade my dick for a healthy brain. Literally feels like I have Dementia sometimes.