Very good (temporary?) sexual recovery

Ok guys, Im having a pretty good sexual
Recovery period right now that I have never experienced since I’ve got pfs in 2012. Just had sex with my girlfriend and it actually felt pleasureable for once whereas it’s normally very numb and I only do it to please her. Sensitivity was up from normal 10% to what I’d describe as around 80 and orgasm feeling was like
5% to like 50. I have a shitty diet but I’ve started doing light exercise again and the only other supplement I’m taking is 5000-10000 iu of vitamin D (which I’ve always taken even before pfs) and i did a week of 1-2 tbl spoons of soy flour as described by @skorpio88’s theory. I’m not sure if this actually did anything or if I’m just having a random upswing after 7 years, maybe someone who’s not that bad off with just sexual sides could try the soy four and see what happens. The only other thing of note is that I’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol this weekend which usually gives a libido boost the next day but it never helps sensitivity. Sorry for the unorganized post, I’m just pretty happy right now even though I feel like this will only be temporary.


Sorry forgot to mention one other supplement (l-theanine 200 mg once a day) that @MOONCHILD thinks is playing an effect but I haven’t been very good about taking it, for instance I did not take it last night.

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Good to hear you’re doing well. I have the exact same problems as you — diminished libido and reduced sensitivity. For example, I can’t really feel anything from oral sex, even, so it’s sad when girls want to perform it only to discover that they feel stupid doing something that’s pointless.

I would say once a year or so I get like a week-long recovery where I seem about 75% back to normal. It generally lasts me between 2 and 7 days. Will be curious to see if you’re experience lasts longer than that. Here’s hoping it works out for you :crossed_fingers:t2: Do please update

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I’m assuming it’s temporary because that seems to be the case with most people, but the fact that I haven’t had anything like this in 7 years makes me hope it’s not


really exciting to hear this man, hopefully it lasts. Thanks for sharing

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Aaaaand I’m back at to baseline. Was fun while it lasted

Its weird. Same happens to me sometimes. But seems like getting sensitivity back is way harder than any other sexual aspect. Even when I have my spontaneous erections back, genital anestesia is never leaving me.

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Same here man, I’ve had libido boosts here and there but never a full return to sensitivity like that. I always have this knot like feeling in my perineum area and I couldn’t feel that during my brief recovery so I’m wondering if something I did temporarily loosened that up or something. I would try more soy flour but it gave me pretty bad digestive problems so I need to find something equivalent but more digestive friendly