Venous leak: 31 years old


Hi All

First time poster and at my wits end

Was on propecia for about 5 years and had zero sides… gave up after discovering this form about 2 years go with no immediate effects… i even kept my hair , which is now an irrelevance

Then First noticed ED about 18 months ago when I stopped being able to maintain an erection for more than 30 secs without stimulation. Life has subsequently fallen apart and girlfriend has left me

Have gone to three renouned urologists who have all provided conflicting diagnoses

All prescribed daily cialis which definitely improves things but can be very hit and miss, sometimes wake up great, other times feels like my penis is dead when I wake up

Have completed 2 dopplers, first one I couldnt stay erect and was diagnosed with a venous leak, 1 month later i redid while on daily cialis and it showed no outflow and no leak

I have checked testosterone levels twice and both times they were healthy, however they never checked my free test, estriol or prolactin. My question is… is it possible to have venous leak due to testosterone issues ( ie hypergonadism) yet report normal levels of total testosterone? ( ie because of issues with estriol etc)

The reason i ask is because vl is usually a symtom of something and I am otherwise healthy… furthermore we know what prop can do…

Sny help or suggestions are massively appreciated



Just by way of update

Have some very positive news

For the last week I have had normal erections everyday…i am also back to full size

If i can keep am erection without cialis then maybe the hardware still works

If I can maintain this then i will definitely recover, feel about 80pc now vs 10pc previously. Think the only secret is time, ironically my diet has been terrible for last month and drinking a lot