Veins in hands almost dissappeared, as is strength in hands and wrists. Any of you experience the same?

Currently the veins in my hands are barely visible. As are other veins throughout my body. It seems there is more subcutaneous fat everyone, hiding the definition of muscle as well, and causing more bloat, when doing a workout.

The strength in my hands is dissappeared for some part, and also in the wrists. When I look at the veins in my hands they seem to be thinner as well. Is this something known to be caused by Finasteride?

Could this be reversed?

What are your thoughts?


yes I have got these. Very fine/thin veins in hands and feet. But after vitD3 they keep changing.


I have exactly the same condition due to PFS. The times I’m feeling and performing better, they start to come back and are more prominent. As for strength, I used to rock climb, and was pretty good at it. Now opening a bottle of ketchup can be a problem.


I’m heading the same way as you. The first six months though, the veins were bigger and more visible than ever. I was incredibly vascular. Like I just worked out, “pump” if you will. I sure hope it can be reversed, like all this stuff. I imagine the body is attacking this in an Osteopathic manner, the body has to eventually reset and heal itself. Question is only when. Hang in there!

Here are the four cornerstones of Ostepathic Medicine to see what I mean:

  1. The body is an integrated unit of mind, body, and spirit.
  2. The body possesses self-regulatory mechanisms (homeostasis), having the inherent capacity to defend, repair, and remodel itself.
  3. Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.
  4. Rational therapy is based on consideration of the first three principles.

How are they changing? You mean in a positive or negative sense, and what do you see happening when on vitD3?

@Figther1 it’s sucks hard. For me it happen within the same weak already, but now it’s extremely obious that there’s less bloodflow to them, and the veins aren’t even under alot of subcutaenous fat.

Curious if any people were able to rectify this with possible pharmacological pathways.

Just realized two people on Finasteride that have pretty small hands… Wonder if it could be related.

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@NewYorker, you were on Proviron right? How did that change your grip strength, did it have any influence? And how about your skin, and veins, subq fat. Were there any changes there?


I lost some weight when I was on Proviron (25 and 50mg), and felt slightly better, I think my veins were a small bit more prominent, and overall had a better sense of well being. I actually started running again, but found my feet were swelling, so I stopped the proviron. If I can find a reputable place to buy it from again, I will try the 200mg daily dose and see if I can replicate that high dose shirt term protocol.

Change positive way and appear the way almost pre SP use, but then go thin, almost disappear from the skin. Many times VitD3 changed me 80% to my old self but then I go back to SP state. Something has permanently broken and any positive change is just temporary.

Hmm sounds pretty good.

Would you say the swelling of the feet was in accordance with the hands? My feet have been getting the same as my hands. Thin skin, barely veins weak ankles.

Man, it must truly be disheartening to so that happen :(. Been given hope that things are getting better, and shortly after it’s gone…

What would you think is happening? Would it be the brain adjusting to the “overdose” and changing sensitivity? We don’t know of course… but what would you say from experience?

I said it keeps changing, means go to normal then to thin and then again to normal etc. As long as I am doing light exercise with vitamin D and stay away from Gluten feel a lot better but messing any of these ( no viaminD or no exercise or eat gluten ) then become worse. The first thing happens is my stomach bloats (intestines’ hurt), brain goes crazy, hands and feet start becoming weaker and colder, sleep starts becoming bad etc. This is not placebo very true. I can measure in blood tests these all very easily.


I can certainly relate to what you are describing. For what it’s worth, I’ve always had smaller hands. But, this was before any drugs. My shoe size is 15 though, so who knows. I’m 6’2" as well.

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Definitely adding Vitamin D again. Heard some bad stories so it made me quit, but the body probably needs it. My ski nis getting thinner by the day, especially the hands.


Same boat here, think I’ll follow your and @spstriken 's lead

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VitD3 might not be important for other people but for me after food, water, and air is the most important element to live on this planet.

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Also I am so happy that I never paid attention to negative comments about Vit D3 and have been sticking with it for the last 11-12 years. It definitely works. It is not placebo.

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So your fat pads didn’t come back?

Slightly better.
But if I decrease my Vit D dosage, all goes back to square one.