Vascular, Neurologic and Hormonal Abnormalities in Men with Persistent Sexual Dysfunction After Discontinuation of Finasteride: Carlisle et al., 2022

Read our breakdown of the study and find the full text here:

Very useful work which builds on Khera’s study on penile vascular abnormalities. Clearly demonstrates that patients reporting PFS are experiencing measurable physical changes, in this case in their genitalia.


So now it’s time to find out which over/under expressed genes are responsible for this circumstances, I guess this study is just a confirmation of the previous study in 2020 by khera or what was the point to do another study which was almost identical to the one made in 2020? Maybe to prove that khera is unbiased ? can someone explain that to me?

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This study is important because of the sample size. Baylor’s study was only 26 patients vs 96 in this study. I know it may seem like old ground to patients, but building on existing results is an important part of research.


Ah OK, I see, thank you for your explanation. And well, yes it sometimes feels like turning in circles but nevertheless looking forward to further studies and I am glad we’re not totally forgotten by the Scientists. I guess backing up what has already been done by more subjects/probands is a sign to get more attention by the medical community in general and a massive punch in the face for the people who deny. :facepunch:


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I’m not a scientist and so struggle with some of the terms sometimes. What do they mean by heterogenous erectile tissue.

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Means the tissue is mixed rather than being of one type of tissue.

The study didn’t specify but I’d guess they found collagen deposits or something similar.

Same as was found in some rat study IIRC.


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Christ. That doesn’t sound good

Can someone clarify a bit or elaborate please?
Thank you so much

Judging from the names on the paper I’d guess the clinic that collected the data is San Diego Sexual Medicine. If so, I’m not surprised that they have amassed this much. As others here have reported, Dr. Goldstein appears to be quite happy to run every test in the book on his PFS patients!

I think your referring to the rat study on dutasteride right? It showed apoptosis in the corpus cavernosum or something along those lines, also there is a study showing that FIN and DUT inhibit angiogenesis in rat prostates as well which would also explain vascular abnormalities

I don’t think that is the one. The one I’m talking about showed increased collagen deposits and also irregular extracellular matrix. I can look it up.

As a result of histomorphological studies, a statistically significant increase in cavernosal tissue collagen density.

I have other not so good news for you. The vascular affect of fin/dut in prostate have been confirmed in human prostate.

Decreased VEGF and microvasculature.

CONCLUSIONS Decreased expression of VEGF by finasteride inhibits angiogenesis and significantly decreases microvessel density in prostatic suburethral tissue.

There’s more studies about it. It’s very quick as well. Within 2 weeks they see this big change on prostate vasculature.


I can confirm that numbness is one of my biggest and most annoying outstanding side effect. The entire penis feels different. Tactile and erogenous sensitivity is low.

I will note however that when having a full erection, my sensitivity somewhat returns but flaccid , there is no feeling.

Please tell me there’s a chance at recovery from specifically this side effect.

There is a chance at recovery for every symptom of PFS. There are credible examples on this forum of people recovering from each symptom. For numbness you can read this post NumbDuck story - 95% recovered after 7 years

Dear @espresso and @iHATEMerck

I hope it is allowed to repost it here from Propecia Help and reddit. Here and in the comments, you’ll find a lot of recovery stories and recovery protocols, including CD Nuts and Joe Kool

(Please read the critical comments from the staff⚕️and the stories who failed with this protocols and supplements. And some protocols as using saw palmetto, minoxidil or Trazodone again are dangerous)


Wouldn’t it be easier, cheaper, and/or faster to do these studies using lab rats?