Valproic Acid, Valproate, VPA

Seems a really interesting drug. Not only has it shown to stimulate FSH and LH and increase the testosterone to estrogen ratio, it also inhibits GABA transaminase. (the termination of GABA).

Sounds almost tailor-made for our causes. Anyone tried it?

Not only that it actually reverses FSH-induced upregulation of CYP19A1. Thats the aromatase enzyme, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Sounds very promising.

Basically the idea came around from sexual dysfunction in the epilepsy community. Low Fertility in Men with Epilepsy: Unhappy, Uninterested, Unable.

Their hormonal profiles were very much synonymous with ours; depressed FSH and LH, elevated SHBG, low free testosterone despite normal total testosterone.

The reasoning behind this is that Anti-Epileptic drugs are p450 inducers. These are a group of enyzmes in the liver, one of which (CYP19A1) actively controls the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Obviously, by accentuating this enzyme, you will cause a massive surge in estrogen. This stimulates SHBG, as the body wants to bind against testosterone to effectively slow the flow of aromatization. While this normalises estrogen serum, it leaves very little testosterone bio-available, hence the problems with libido/motivation etc.

So what has this got to do with Finasteride? It’s been previously discussed on here that it can similarly induce these enyzmes, and a heptalogist I recently spoke to agreed with that theory as well. If increased aromatization is the root cause, any drug that may actively reverse that is definitely worth experimenting with.

awor and others on this forum have tried Valproic Acid but it did not cure them.


Hmm, got ahead of myself i think…found several studies contradicting some of the earlier ones i read. fuck it, i give up.

More evidence of androgen insensitivity from induced SHBG secretion from the liver. … evel_req=0

Where did you get valproate guys… pm me plz

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Did you ever try this?

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Acquired androgen insensitivity can occur from aromatase inhibitors??

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what is the alternative to using low dose AIs for elevated E2?

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I found it online and I don’t know how to pm here I’m new but have had PFS for 24 years but healing

what your symptons?

Found what?