Valporic acid

Does someone ever tried that?
I started to use it for hairloss and after every day i put it i feel alot better, erections and everything.

Could you please clarify? You used valporic acid for hairloss? Do you mean valproic acid? And if you do mean valproic acid why on earth did you take this for hairloss?

Yes man i am using it in a topical not orally.
Please check in google . Valporic acid and hair loss.

How did that go? with hair loss and symptoms

I’d be interested to hear @Jonson experience as well. I know nothing about this compound by Ryan Russo on YouTube keeps talking about how it is correcting overexpression issues with his androgen receptors.

Actually i don’t remember what were the benefits.
I used it for short time and quit for no reason.

Hey Jonson, did your symptoms get any better over the 11+ years with PFS? Did libido and emotions ever return?

What have you learnt over the years?

Yes my symptoms improved. i am not 100%, But i learned to live with that.
There are three things that i learned.
One is to avoid things that could crash you.
Don’t fapp.
Some part of our condition or
Mine specifically is psychology. Two times i went for vacation and the moment i stepped into the hotel suddenly everything was fine.

Thanks for sharing your experience in dealing with this condition and letting us know how you are doing. I agree with the psychological component to a degree, in the sense that many symptoms caused by these conditions are psychologically devastating and cause depression, even if the symptoms themselves are not directly causing the depression.

As a personal example, if I am “hanging in there” one day and then look at a girl and it is like looking at a fire hydrant, I will slip into a massive funk. This actually happened to me at a party recently. I was doing relatively ok initially but all of these pretty girls were there and the feeling of asexuality I had looking at them and numbness and deadness in my penis when I took a piss in the bathroom caused me to spiral into the abyss and I lost control of my psychology.

Interesting that you mention fapping… Sorry to get specific here, but I would like to break down that point a bit further…There are essentially three elements to “fapping”:

  1. Masturbating/ edging
  2. Watching porn
  3. Ejaculation

I am of the school that number #1 is actually good as we want to get as many erections as possible in order to try to, let’s say, maintain and resuscitate the penis tissue, muscles, blood flow. #2, and to a lesser degree #3 (if it causes a crash) are more of the issues. Do you tend to agree, and has this been your experience? In terms of #1 being important, I recall a member stating that “erections beget erections”

Well number 1 is good. I agree.
Number 2 could be ok if doing rarely. Number 3 is big no.

I hate to piss on the picnic, but just to offer some balance and share my own personal experience… valproic acid never did a damn thing for me. I know we are all eager to find that magic bullet that slays PFS, but, at least for me, this wasn’t it


Thank u for report

Did you try it recently?

Valproic acid is prescribed to stop seizures for people with epilepsy. It’s also used as a mood stabilizer in people who suffer from manic depression

Think about that for a moment. It slows down seizures and flattens moods…that’s the last thing people with brain fog and emotional flatness need.

In answer to your question, no it was not recent that I was on valproic acid. I had to quit because it made my hands shake so badly I could barely feed myself. Nasty stuff imo

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