Using Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, etc..)

I’m curious if anyone here has tried getting an SGB shot to treat anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, etc… It seems many of the PTSD symptoms overlap some of our symptoms. Of course, this is not to directly treat PFS but more the neurologic symptoms some of us have. There are many many articles… here is just one link. Let me know what you all think.

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This looks promising ?? Any follow up on this ever ?

I’ve been doing this the last few months for long covid syndrome, which I got in 2020, and it has been helping me tremendously. I’ve had to do three rounds so far and I didn’t get all the benefits upfront but it has really restored my quality of life even though I’m not 100% back to better yet.

I think this could potentially be helpful for anybody who has post finasteride syndrome and would be very interested if anybody else tried this. Each round I did helped restore sexual functioning for a few days, but those benefits didn’t last very long. It really helped with neurological sensory dysregulation and pain that I got after covid.

I think PFS has a lot in common with PTSD in fact, as reduction of allopregnanolone is implicated with PTSD and this has supposedly been very helpful for patients coming back from combat zones. They are starting to call it PTSI for post traumatic stress injury rather than disorder to recognize that there are physical changes to the nervous system that can’t be addressed with talk therapy or so easily with medications.

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How does it work? Is it expensive?

Same questions

Local anesthetic is injected into nerve bundles in your neck and it functionally resets your nervous system.

It depends where you go to do it, but the place that I went to, the Stellate Institute in Annapolis, costs $2,000 for a single round. Each round involves an injection on both your left side and your right side, which they typically do over two days.

I saw a center in NYC called Hudson Health which does a full round for $1,500.

I think it might work for people that have brain fog but I can’t promise that it will work for that. It just really helped with my long covid syndrome, although I’ve had to do three rounds so far.

The procedure is safe it is done well but if they screw it up, which is very rare, the consequences can be pretty serious like having a seizure or punctured lung or something. Normal side effects include having a semi-paralyzed throat and discomfort with swallowing but that went away after less than 4 hours each time.

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I asked a long time ago if anyone tired this because I thought it was a good idea but no one responded. Did it only address lc symptomsz

It temporarily improved sexual functioning but only for a brief period of time which was definitely a PFS symptom for me

I think my LC symptoms were related to my medical history of having PFS, probably from an impaired stress response

It is supposed to help with brain fog and cognitive issues too which are caused by LC but I imagine might be similar to that of many people with PFS

I personally did not have brain fog from either though