Use it or lose it?

I have had a massive reduction in libido from using saw palmetto, but it is not entirely gone. Should I be trying to masturbate more, or do NoFap? Should I do it every few days, or try to go weeks without doing it? How does abstaining affect the function of the androgen receptors?

According to the urologist I visited once NoFap isn’t healthy. Even in your normal condition you need to keep things going at least once a week. But on the other hand, some people believe that orgasm can lead to another crash during recovery. From what I can remember, my few recoveries ended after the case of very high arousal (not necessary an orgasm even).

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I assume that the frequency produces different effects. Maybe every day is not the best strategy, but once every 3 days could possibly be beneficial. Did the urologist say you should do it at least once a week?

Yes, 1-3 times per week. But it was quite some time ago, during medical screening. Now I just don’t have ability to do that.

I would very much not recommend NoFap if you have ED. Erections are a use it or lose it thing, and a lack of erections can lead to further plaque buildup and dysfunction. Normal men have night and morning wood to keep their penises healthy. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be denying yourself anymore erections.

Yes M_C, I am well aware of the search bar. Every one saying different things, no surprise there. So far no one has answered my question regarding androgen receptors and abstinence.