Urology visit-Huge HCG dose

Just had my first visit with a urologist. It was refreshing that he told me he never prescribes finasteride because of the risks.
He put me on HCG at a dose I’m having a hard time believing:

2,500 units twice a week. I asked three times if he really meant that or whether he meant 250 but he insisted.

I’ll keep you guys posted if I make improvements at that dose.


Triple check that dosage recommendation, on the peat forum successful HCG courses were 250IU three times a week. From what I have read higher doses did not work.


I did ask three times, “Doc, do you realty mean that dosage?” He said yes. My other concern is the price, that’s like $240 a month… This darn finasteride is costing a fortune

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Keep us posted and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself.


Thanks guys. Took the first dose yesterday and had acupuncture today. Definitely had some libido today.


Good luck with the treatment. And appreciate the post.

I’ve seen a urologist and endocrinologist recently, both said they see multiple patients dealing with issues from finasteride use. The endo said he has utilized HCG for some patients.

Keep us posted!


Seems like a great way to desensitize your Leydig cells… How long did he say for you to run this dosage?

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Six months…

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I am seeing good improvements with this large a dose. Here is an article I found on the neurosteroid activity helped by HCG.


Can you give a little detail? This is something I am considering trying at some point.

What has improved?
Any issues?

I was on 40mg testosterone-350 iu hcg-0.25 mg anastrozole 3x/week before, even before fin. Urologist thought it would be better to improve PFS to have no test and higher dose HCG.

2500 iu every three days and 0.5-1mg/week anastrozole depending on feeling.
Overall I’m better but I don’t think my test production is up enough yet.

Sensitivity: some days better than others. Day of injection more numb, day 2 and 3, more sensitive.
Libido: Still very little but occasionally some, up to 10-20% of pre-fin
Orgasm is ok, not as satissfying as pre-fin but better than a few months ago.
Mentally improved, focus is 70%, memory is not back to normal but 80%.
Overall energy, 60-70%

Issues encountered, either too low or too high estrogen. that tends to be sorted out after the second day post injection.

I hope that helps, let me know if you would like more info.


Update: I should mention that I suffered from peripheral neuropathy from diabetes before taking finasteride and that it very much aggravated it. I am noticing improvement of neuropathic pain and improved sensation with HCG.
Definitely the most mental clarity I have had since PFS started.



Check out this study that used 6000UI/week of HCG for a PFS patient.

Also, the many uses of HCG:

And neurosteroids being produced after administration of HCG:

I am doing much better after a month at 5000UI/week being prescribed by urologist with 0.5mg/week anastrozole.


How are you doing Juniper?

Does the HCG monotherapy still works for you?

Good luck

It’s still helping. I also started ketogenic Carnivore and that is tremendous help. All symptoms have improved!

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After consulting several docs, they all tell me this presents like an autoimmune disorder, and ketogenic Carnivore is the ideal protocol for autoimmune conditions.


Thanx, i would try carnivore, but I’m skinny fat and no carbs would make me even more skinny fat

Actually, look up before and after photos and you will see people’s bodies changing very positively. The ones that were too fat lost fat and the ones that were too skinny gained muscles. Start looking up docs like Anthony Chaffee, Shawn Baker, Paul Mason, Ken Berry. I feel-even with PFS-better than ever !

Thanx, i have over 22 years pfs. Morning woods almost never occurred in this time. But the last 4 months it happened several times.
4 months ago i did a few weeks Intermittent Fasting 16/8 + 20/4 and 1 36 hours fast. I got every day morning wood. But i became so skinny (-fat) that i stopped and so did the morning wood. Yesterday i did eat carbs, but not that much. As dinner i eated 5 Mc Donalds burgers (only the meat) and i had an erection that waked me up and lasted at least one hour. So this wonders me, that even after 22 years this happened.
Also I’m pre-diabetic. So i want to go ketogenic/carnivore. But it seems so hard to get enough calories on this diet and not loose more muscles. Besides that the ketogenic/carnivore raises LDL, the ‘bad’ cholesterol so much that it scares me. I know there are a some Dr’s and cardiologists that say high LDL is not bad, but those are still controversial. But the main narrative by Dr’s/cardiologists is still that it raises the chance of a stroke. So i am afraid that if those Dr’s are right and i go keto/carnivore i will get a stroke.

B.t.w. the pre-diabetes is not caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. I don’t drink soda’s and don’t eat refinded sugars and doing HIT three times a week, 15 pull ups, or 10 weighted (10kg) every morning. And also daily walking for at least a half a hour. Maybe my age, now 45, plays a role.

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