Urination question

Since stopping fin temporarily 9 years ago ahead of an operation I developed frequent urination. In ignorance I continued taking it on and off for a few more years. With time I noticed that my urine was also getting darker. Over the last 2 years it’s more noticeable after eating. The levels sky rocketed when I tried t gel for 2 days. It always feels that I lose more than I drink which isn’t possible to sustain longterm. It does partially account for the global tissue shrinkage ie where does all of the fluid go considering were 70% water… I’ve also noticed when i drink alcohol which is rarely that I piss like horse. Litres then within another half an hour the same thing happens and it doesn’t fall to baseline for 24 hours. Mostly dark coloured too. This can be as a consequence of as little as 1 gluten free beer prior to this side I could knock back 10 pints before breaking the seal.

My question

Does anyone know what causes this, what mechanism has been effected. My thoughts have always been linked to vasopressin but why the triggers? Anyone else notice this in addition to the fairly common frequent urination

To note kidney rests are unremarkable.

Interestingly I wonder if all of us with muscle/ collagen loss are also frequent pissers.

I regularly drink at least 3 litres of water per day. When I used to enjoy the odd good day the urine frequency and colour would return to normal while consuming 3 litres.

Thanks Laz

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I originally was like this and now it’s the opposite. I used to piss so much it was insane and now I could hold my pee forever


FWIW, I’m currently in pissing like a horse mode. I had to track myself for Pelvic Floor Therapist. 6 times in one hour. Not light pees either. I had to measure in 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi fashion. Each one of those was at least 20 Mississippis.

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I’m exactly the same now, but in early years of PFS, it seemed to be the opposite and I could barely hold it. Also, I couldn’t completely empty my bladder and would “dribble”. That’s all gone now, except for a few mornings where I would really really really have to go after sleeping.


So, would you say you are just on the opposite end of the spectrum now? Or, back to semi-normal? Please advise. Thank you.

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I’m going to say I’m now on the opposite end, having to go much much less frequently than before, but when my bladder is completely full, I have a very hard time holding it in. It wasn’t anywhere near the problem it is now, and I suspect likely a result of weaker muscles down there.


Thank you very much for your detailed reply. Out of curiosity, have you tried Pelvic Floor Therapy? I recently started (3 sessions in) and have to say it’s doing wonders (sexually, urination and deification). My best.

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