Update: Topical TRT

Hi all,
Just an update: I’ve been on TRT for the past 2 months. 10% liposomal testosterone, approximately 1.2-1.5g per day (150mg of test, 15mg absorbed into skin if assumed 10% absorption rate)
It’s helped me a lot, any cognitive issues I feel have resolved or are as good as resolved. Mood much improved, easier time concentrating, both working memory and long term memory are much, much better and brain processing is much faster. I barely struggle for words anymore and I feel like my sense of humour, creativity and wit is back to like it was before. And joint pain is not an issue anymore at all. Overall my quality of life is much improved.

This is coming from someone who tested 550ng/dl testosterone in my initial blood tests but thankfully I found a hormone doctor who is familiar with PFS and he prescribed my topical testosterone.
I think, for people suffering with symptoms like me, topical testosterone is better than injections as there are 5-ar enzymes found in the skin and so more of the testosterone would be converted to DHT by this means of delivery. I also have gone on arimidex as I was converting too much test to estrogen and beginning to get gyno.
Just thought I’d share as maybe it would help someone else looking for a treatment solution.
I know it won’t work for everyone but it’s working well for me.


Thankyou. Any sexual benefits?

Yes definitely, insane morning wood, much increased libido.
If I don’t ejaculate for a couple of days I feel like the terminator

Hey, thanks a lot for sharing. Would be great if you can update us within the next month how you are doing. The topical TRT sounds a lot less scary. How would you rate your libido compared to pre-pfs?

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Did you suffer from any lack of sensation/genital numbness, and has this improved at all with the topical?

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Nice ! Do you also take HCG ? What were your testo and free testo values ?

Hey @facialfatloss, great to hear this; any status update on how you’re doing now?

Can you provide the brand name of your topical solution? Deciding between Axiron vs. Androgel, and curious if these are similar/same to what you took.

Thanks again, and godspeed on a continued recovery.