Update: Topical TRT

Hi all,
Just an update: I’ve been on TRT for the past 2 months. 10% liposomal testosterone, approximately 1.2-1.5g per day (150mg of test, 15mg absorbed into skin if assumed 10% absorption rate)
It’s helped me a lot, any cognitive issues I feel have resolved or are as good as resolved. Mood much improved, easier time concentrating, both working memory and long term memory are much, much better and brain processing is much faster. I barely struggle for words anymore and I feel like my sense of humour, creativity and wit is back to like it was before. And joint pain is not an issue anymore at all. Overall my quality of life is much improved.

This is coming from someone who tested 550ng/dl testosterone in my initial blood tests but thankfully I found a hormone doctor who is familiar with PFS and he prescribed my topical testosterone.
I think, for people suffering with symptoms like me, topical testosterone is better than injections as there are 5-ar enzymes found in the skin and so more of the testosterone would be converted to DHT by this means of delivery. I also have gone on arimidex as I was converting too much test to estrogen and beginning to get gyno.
Just thought I’d share as maybe it would help someone else looking for a treatment solution.
I know it won’t work for everyone but it’s working well for me.


Thankyou. Any sexual benefits?

Yes definitely, insane morning wood, much increased libido.
If I don’t ejaculate for a couple of days I feel like the terminator

Hey, thanks a lot for sharing. Would be great if you can update us within the next month how you are doing. The topical TRT sounds a lot less scary. How would you rate your libido compared to pre-pfs?

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Did you suffer from any lack of sensation/genital numbness, and has this improved at all with the topical?

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Nice ! Do you also take HCG ? What were your testo and free testo values ?

Hey @facialfatloss, great to hear this; any status update on how you’re doing now?

Can you provide the brand name of your topical solution? Deciding between Axiron vs. Androgel, and curious if these are similar/same to what you took.

Thanks again, and godspeed on a continued recovery.

At least the same, if not higher, it’s been so long I can’t remember exactly

Didn’t have any genital numbness of note, but I am more sensitive down there especially if I don’t ejaculate for a while

Not taking anything else yet, just test. Test was about 550 ng/dl, not sure what my free test was off hand but it was mid range

Hi, still doing good thanks. Mines doesn’t have a brand name actually, it’s made to order and compounded in a pharmacy in Germany. Personally I’d pick whichever is strongest out of them, and if they aren’t available in strong concentrations I’d try to get a pharmacy to compound a stronger formulation.

From my understanding once we start taking test, our bodies no longer produce it by it self, so we have to stay on test for life… is it the same for topical test as well?

Yes it is the same. But taking T every day and feeling good versus walking around feeling like shit with PFS is a no brainer in my opinion.


I can attest to this. Trt has improved my quality of life. Hasn’t really done anything for libido but it keeps all other sides at bay for me at least.

Hey @facialfatloss

Any update, how are you doing on the topical gel? Is it still having an effect on you or has it diminished?

Any other benefits? Any other supplements or protocols you’re adding?

Just curious how you’re doing, thanks!

Still doing well in general, mood and everything is still good. The only thing is my cognition and memory; I think it’s still somewhat impaired as it is definitely not as good as pre-pfs. Sometimes I could be sitting for 20 seconds to think of a name of a music artist which I should know off the top of my head, and sometimes struggle with word recall. But also it’s one of those things where i blame every lapse in memory on finasteride so it’s hard to tell the true extent. I just remember that I had a lightning fast and detail accurate memory before.

Hey, I’m on androgel for 6 days and didn’t notice any changes in sexual function.
How long did it take for you to feel difference in that aspect?

Btw, I’m 24 and sucks to be on testo at such a young age

Maybe a week or two it wasn’t long, although I could get erections before trt.
What is the dosage and strength of your androgel?

Hormones take weeks, or even months to have their genomic effect.

It’s not an instant fix.

I’m at 50mg per day, 1,6%, smth like that. Any insight?

Also, did you experience hair loss with the treatment?

I’m very concerned with the treatment and possible side effects like balding, further hormonal imbalances, etc. I’m thinking about jumping off, any idea on HPTA suppression after a week?