Update, it’s been a while and I’m sorry but not sorry


Hey everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve popped up. I’ve stopped the prep because I went on test. I feel like thinking about the condition makes my anxiety go up and it’s better to just not log in a lot. I feel better mentally and physically, more happy. My sex drive is improved and erections are improved but the benefits haven’t shown there as much as just general well being. I’m still praying we get more answers. I hope everyone is okay, really I do believe one day we will either cure ourselves completely or grow through it and be okay with it. I love life. It’s worth it, I’ll keep checking in. I suggest everyone test blood levels and improve them if they aren’t ideal. Especially in muscle wastage regards. Currently the strongest I’ve ever been. Thanks all


What did you do to improve your muscle wastage and lab values?


How long ago did you stop prep? And why can’t you take both? From what I remember @Cornwellsb takes both?

Also, you said prep recovered your mental symptoms mostly right?

Good to hear you doing fine bro. I just started prep a few weeks ago. Emotional blunting is actually reducing


What is prep?

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